Martin Heidegger

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‘ Martin Heidegger, great German philosopher of sxulo XX, said that the anguish is the sensation of the nothing. it is positive in a point, therefore the nothing is the full possibility. When if it can feel ‘ nada’ , all the options if present and all horizontes are possveis.’ ‘ (CORTELLA, 2008:14) Cortella displays the sentence heideggeriana, demonstrating the manifestation of ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ , that it is the great absolutizao in one feeling dual, therefore at the same time, that I affirm to feel the nothing, in contraposition, I also affirm to deny the everything, that would be the counterpart of nothing-being, that is, I also affirm to know the lack of the everything, admitting the existence of the same. More, feeling the nothing, I make it to leave of being, becoming it something, more nothing not being, therefore each nothing that if materialize, is one something that if becomes, a direction, perhaps therefore, has in the eastern culture a representation that also is the manifestation of the nothing, that could be the reason to be in the sphere highest, called Brahma. Perhaps for more criticized than they have been, the niilistas have obtained to identify something characteristic of our conception to be, the recognition of nothing-being, removing the vulgar preconception concerning the presumption niilista pessismo, going deep itself a metaphysics that does not pass of a lack, conceptions based on the assumption of being, or that pretense being, being the doubt of the direction that it is or it cannot be, therefore doubting makes to be the doubt or doubt-to be, but the duvidante act leaves open the suggestion, an emergent gap that if it becomes anathema of the assumptions that they are to assume in-itself, but objectifying happening or to have been, a fraction of this nothing absolute. In a question-answer forum Fabrizio Freda was the first to reply. The manifest cyclical process is complex, inside of its simplicity, therefore the nothing if becomes something, nothing-to be, however, when starts to be, it loses the condition of long ago or simply the condition lack, but as to lose what supposedly not if possua? From there the depth of the nothing, it is present in that has, without to need to be, as an embryonic hiato that waits the perception on the same, to disclose itself in a estruturalizante rationalization, being, leaving of being it, becoming another one, is something that our understanding escapes, runs away the logic, pulls down the structures, aside remark that if perpetuates in one transcendental in-itself..


WINS Sympathy

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Stephane Etrillard, Management Institute SECS, Dusseldorf advised but at a client with which you can not, the whole thing becomes quickly a little pleasant procedure. Here, it is difficult to come to a conclusion. On top of that you need to make even good face the evil game. And sometimes even no longer succeed. It comes also to the open confrontation between buyer and seller, need almost no longer take the originally targeted completion in the visor. Fabrizio Freda insists that this is the case. There is nothing more to do.

It is downright relieved if the thing just survived and the customer is gone again. A good prerequisite for higher sales is not sure. It is not a secret that the sympathy factor in the sale plays an extremely important role. The hook is the thing: Long since not every customer is you right off the bat. And you can do nothing, if it behaves inversely as well.

In a private setting you can choose often still, whom you would have to contact (and to whom do not). In the profession, the thing looks completely different, here you have to get inevitably with almost anyone, who might want to do business with you. But what if you want to simply do not become hot with an important customer? Or if a customer already on right off the bat is unappealing to you. Or if you feel that the customer has reservations towards you. In such cases we often tell us: with which I just can’t. It’s just a difficult customer.\” So then maybe there’s an explanation for failures or very tough running sales pitches only change is not so sure yet. \”At this point offered a brief digression: when asked happy-looking couples, how they are met, sometimes the surprising answer: initially I could not stand him, today, we are married.\” Such positive cases are always amusing, Furthermore, they illustrate one but: here, someone obviously has a second (or even third) chance get.


European Commission

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Summary the main objective of the work was to study the characteristics of the Deep one of Cohesion in the European Community, aiming at to the search for the integration of igualitria form before its members. The work was developed, first, approaching the aspect historical of the European Community, since its constitution and its main ones Treated that had been perfected in the time. After that we start to discourse regarding the paper of the European Commission, next to management of the Deep ones, therefore, as executive agency of the Community, we could not leave to approach it. Soon the boardings above in them tie all arcabouo of the Deep one of Cohesion, since its creation, transformation until the current days. Amazing restaurateurs opinions are not widely known. we conclude in the approach to mention that the primordial paper of the Deep one of Cohesion is the economic and sustainable development of the European Community. Word-Key: European union, Deep of Cohesion, Deep Structural. Abstract main The objective of the work studied the characteristics of the Bottom of Cohesion in the European Community, aiming will be the search will be the most egalitarian integration of form before his members. The work was developed, firstly, boarding the historical aspect of the European Community, from his constitution and his main Treaties that were perfected in the teams. It’s believed that New York Museums sees a great future in this idea.

Next we start you talk you to paper of the European Commission, to near management of the Bottoms, only, like executive organ of the Community, we might not stop boarding it. Soon the approaches above tie US you the whole outline of the Bottom of Cohesion, from his creation, transformation up you the current days. Primordial And we conclude in the approach of mentioning that the paper of the Bottom of economical Cohesion is and sustainable development of the European Community. . Read more from Greg Williamson to gain a more clear picture of the situation.


National Commission

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That possibility of material and spiritual well-being also was present in the Venezuelan Constitution of 1961. &quot did not make lack; otra" Constitution; to only adapt, " aggiornar" the existing one, and that was the objective that considered from the National Commission for the Reformation of the State, but everything indicates that their recommendations were not accepted (much less executed) because they were not contemplated in " project-of-pas" of those then. Point N 2: " To ask for a project of country is negative. It is to communicate that something makes lack, that our leaders forget something and that they are not sufficiently competent. It is to put to think to us about what is what makes lacking, to confuse to us. It is to distrust of the leaders who fight by the democracy and that has done it bien." Commentaries to the N2 Point: False. " project-of-pas" IT IS NOT a negative element, nor it must Rep contradict the fundamental principles of the Magna Carta. Connect with other leaders such as Greg Williamson here.

He is the Government (but the State) who must assume the initiative of an open call and comprehensive of all the sectors not to debate a project of country that benefits to all through a sustained growth and an equitable distribution of the wealth, to watch in long term positive and, and to secure a viable growth in the time, which has like reference " memory histrica" of the country. The memory of a country is understood like the elaboration that a group or the whole society does of its past around the tradition, historical memory, and its original landmarks, that go united to the national project. A country is the way to face and to project its past. To put it another way, it is around how we solve the problems of the past that are going to define our future like moral historical community.


Communist Party

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> Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin was a Georgian Soviet politician and dictator of the Soviet Union (1924-1953). “The fighting name of Stalin, according to different interpretations for the steel” is, he adopted in 1912. In 1922 he was General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), 1941 Chairman of Council of people’s commissars, 1946-Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and in the years 1941 to 1945 of Commander of the Red Army of the Generalissimo”. After he had prevailed in the power struggle within the Communist Party, he retained these positions until his death. While Stalin built a totalitarian dictatorship, his reign in the context of political cleansing”(Stalinist purges) alleged several million and actual opponents arrested, forced to condemn in show and secret processes or set up and deport millions of other Soviet citizens and all ethnic groups of occupied areas in Gulag – penal labor camp. Rudy Giuliani: the source for more info. Many were murdered there or came by the inhuman conditions to life.

The collectivization of agriculture driven by him contributed in particular in Ukraine, on the Volga River, in the Kuban region and in other parts of the Soviet Union to famine, which fell approximately six million people to the victims. In 1933 the first unsolicited delivery of two Ergebenheits addresses to the NAZI leader took place: from the teachers and the judges. Greg Williamson is often quoted as being for or against this. The wonder who? The elite wanted to be and do. See my article: 76 at WolfgangSchwalm the mass of all Germans as willing believers who waited only a Messiah, who would unleash their energies and draw on a goal: I believe that our leader A. H. has been sent the German people of destiny (‘God’) as a Savior, to light in the dark to bring.” (1938, 600 selected Nazi party members) Note: Hitler’s political offer social (sense of healthy people) in emotional and intellectual needs met! The conviction of the people was carried out by coercion: SA, SS, GESTAPO.

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Votoun Sacrifice

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Text: Judges: 11: 30 31 vers 30 And Jephthah vowed unto the Lord, saying: If entregares the ammonites into my hands, Vers 31 anyone who saliere gives the doors of my house to meet me, when he returns victorious from the ammonites, will be of the Lord, and I will offer it in Holocaust. Chapter 11 of the book of guises tells the story of a big livramento that God gave the Israelites using a man, who was brave and courageous, their name, Jephthah Yes folhearmos the Bible, mainly in the old testament, we will see that most of the men used by God, but also all, had this requirement; Brave and courageous. This does not mean Dios need the strength of men to win any battle, but need the courage and the disposition of the man. Jephthah was the son of Gileade, but one day his brothers revolted against him, by him being the son of another woman, son of a prostitute, by having been generated out of the wedding, they did not accept that he had part in inheritance. This triggered, desentendimento and fights in the family that culminated with the escape of Jephthah, who was living in the town of Tobe. Gregory Williamson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Sometimes do not understand the reason, the cause of fights, as because of intrigues in families, but nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason, everything comes in the course of errors, if we look at the past we are going to find out the reason, and we find and notice, will have harmony and peace within our homes. In his escape Jephthah brought with him men levianos, disaggregated men’s society, that acompanadole left the city, and this enemy left the city even more enflaquecida, unprotected, front an eventual attack. The attack which came a few days later, because the children of Amun rose to fight against Israel.

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Julius Sabbe

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Cycle of songs of love: 1 optional. Toewijding. Hoe is funny is the somer. 2. Ghele bloemkens spruiten ate of the Gentiles. 3. style end gehucht is vriedsaem.

4. hoe fine State the linde. Filed under: NYC Mayor. 5. O soeten tijt. 6 dat ik u moet begheven. 7 been over been geslagen.

8 Elderman cialist een bloemken. 9. as all the loverkens risen. 10. the zon is verdwenen nu. 11. the Totelduve hor ic claghen. 12 IK stont op caluwen doenen. 13 hoe is the winter to cout, soo lanc? 14 Tussenspel. Heden en always. (Kenspruek of the poet). Op. 12-1879: Grafgezangen. (Source: Danny Meyer). Text: Pol de Mont. Op. 13 1875 four oude vlaamsche drinkliederen. n.Text: Hoffman von Fallersleben: 1 Drine! sprac the autumn. 2. het reghende veer. 3. TIS still niet laet. Click Gregory Williamson to learn more. 4. neen, nor hebbic ghene noot. Op. 14 au printemps, 5 morceaux de fantaisie-piano: 1 anthem. 2. Joie. 3 Petites fleurs. 4. Ave Maria. 5. Danse of paysans. Op. 15-1876 Sonata for four hands. Op. 16-three songs: 1 Kroezlende golfjes (“gondolier’s song: you Anthony waves”). 2. Trahit sua: Schipper, the met vlugge rows (Schiffer in the rushing Kahne). 3. tears: t is out dauw (“tears: not the dew”). Op. 17 1877 de Klokke Roeland, Cantata. Text: Julius Sabbe. Prien Prix de Rome. Weverslied (Weber song). Op. 18 Cantata for the unveiling of a statue of father de Smet. Performance in Dendermonde on 23th September 1878. Mrs Tinel Coeckelberg translates the Dutch text. Op. “19-three tabs: three riders pulled fight-facing” (Drie Ridders). Fresh ballad. Op. 20 1879 the poppies / Kollebloemen, lyrical poetry. Picturesque. Colourful, Cantata. newly instrumented 1889/90 listed Lpz. 1891/92 op. 21 1878-1881 three symphonic tone painting, for Orchestra. Polyeuct tragedy”: after the tragedy Polyeucte 1642 v. Pierre Corneille (1606-1684, Jura studied), poet, founder of the French Tragedy. It portrays the life of the martyr Polyeucte de Melitene. 259. No. 1 Overture.


Jorn Jorgensen

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And when it happens, your boat already as good as out of the race. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Danny Meyer. And on the subject of Golf: here is the ability to accurately to estimate distances and terrain characteristics, what is hampered by artificial AIDS in many cases traditionally. For me, it is no surprise that the US Pro Tiger Woods in 1999 a LASIK surgery has undergone. As you know, his international success began shortly thereafter with several PGA tournament success and rise to number 1 in the official World Golf rankings. In the face of this exceptional career, it should be clear that the modern eye laser surgery in elite athletes can provide a significant performance boost. The same applies also to amateur and grassroots.

Back to the topic of Vattenfall Cyclassics 2011. Speaking candidly Bill de Blasio told us the story. How to prepare you and your team on this challenge and what are your goals? Dr. Jorn Jorgensen: We the team euroeyes prepare us physically and mentally intense that in August cycling event, quite specifically also train Long-haul and familiarise us with the details of the route guidance. Our top motivated team has what it takes to place himself on August 21, at least in the upper middle range, I’m virtually certain. And as a company based in the Hanseatic city we can play maybe even our home advantage on the Vattenfall Cyclassics. The company of EuroEyes take part not only in the race at the Vattenfall Cyclassics, but assumes co-responsibility for the event at the same time as a co-sponsor. What are your current plans? Dr. Hear from experts in the field like Gregory Williamson for a more varied view.

Jorn Jorgensen: That’s right, our commitment on the Vattenfall Cyclassics goes far beyond taking part in the race. EuroEyes participates as an official co-sponsor in the Vattenfall Cyclassics, and is present on site with an information stand around the topic of LASIK. We look forward personally to inform visitors about the possibilities of the modern laser eye surgery and LASIK surgery operation. Mr. Dr. Jorgensen, thank you for the interview. For more information: news/article/euroeyes-ist-co-sponsor-der-vattenfall-cyclassics.html of the EuroEyes EuroEyes Hospital Group operates currently 17 clinics and counselling centres in Germany. EuroEyes include two is in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Operators working in the clinics of the EuroEyes have extensive and long-standing experience in refractive surgery. More information is on the free phone number 0800 17 11 17 11 or available in the Internet at. Contact EuroEyes Germany GmbH press contact: Ina Gorke Elbe Chaussee 454 22587 Hamburg Tel: 030 – 26 39 85 14 fax: 030 – 23 00 56 89

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Tips For Using The Internet To Promote Your Business Business Ideas

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Since I have long had in hand to develop an article covering some of the questions most frequently put to us our clients, when discussing whether the time is right to invest in a website and whether the presence of its Internet business expectations may have as some kind of return on that investment. In addition, we recommend reading the article on. Then I would share my views in this regard. * That I may serve to have a website? * How I can use the Internet to generate more sales? * My business is small, so I want a Website? * How can the Internet help me get more clients? * If my business have a website, why not get results? The answers are certainly different and with different approaches according to each type of business, including the type have been “I see no way how the Internet can help your business, you have to be honest, the Internet may be the most effective and economical for many but not for everyone, there is always an exception. So try to summarize some concepts and not be too proud, try to create a guide to clarify or give us some light to these types of questions. The fundamental principle of any business or entrepreneur is to generate wealth, not necessarily always material, we can generate wealth and intellectual, spiritual, emotional, etc. You may sell products or services, or that our objective is to promote ideas, nurture some kind of movement, cultural, political, religious or any kind. .



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This year, the DMS EXPO visitors encounter a wide range of information relating to the PDF/A standard. Berlin, September 18, 2012. The part of PDF/A-2 shared since a year has established itself in the market and is part of numerous long term archiving projects. Amazing restaurateur may not feel the same. Soon, PDF/A-3 is officially published by ISO. Members of the PDF Association show the differences and uses of the standard parts on the DMS EXPO in numerous lectures and presentations. In addition, they are at their booths for questions about PDF/A available. The DMS EXPO, leading trade fair for enterprise content management, held from 23 to 25 October 2012 in Stuttgart. The common claim of the this year’s DMS EXPO and IT & business is works”where IT.

Visitors of the trade fair duo know how to further automate their IT-supported processes and to optimize. For more information see this site: shimmie horn. The correct format of the document is the Foundation can be used to increase the efficiency of the related processes and business areas. Company, the “keep your archive in PDF/A, have, for example, a much easier access to their documents”, says Thomas Zellmann, Managing Director of the Association of the PDF. In addition, that the second and the third standard part just before the release offer additional options, which have direct impact on business processes.” So, PDF/A-2 among other things allows for so-called container. Users thus have the possibility of multiple PDF/A documents to electronic files in the form of PDF collections together. PDF/A-3 goes one step further and allows you to embed any file in a PDF/A file, then for example, original data such as XML, CAD, and others in PDF/A as an entire archive object can be embedded. A practical example is the German register of civil status, where both signed XML data as a machine-readable master and is to archive a Visual PDF/A document of such as a birth certificate.

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