Medical Community

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WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt with for the German Award for online communication nominated Neu-Isenburg, March 2011 the interactive professional community to the medical Fort and training at the German Award for online communication from a total over 400 applications for the shortlist of the category of “Online Community” qualified and one of the three best submissions in their area. The winner is determined on April 14, 2011 in Berlin. Networks that promote a feeling within their communities and with their range consider the needs of their members are awarded in the category of online community”. places value on the wishes of his community: the medical events gathered with the 91,000 world’s largest search engine and database to the medical and training was revived in October 2010 and with many interactive features, tools, and services to the sustainable Web 2.0 community further developed. Since the digital professional community offers its 12,000 members an innovative social network, which is based on the principle of user-generated content the communication and networking its users in focus: so can profiles created, are networks built with friends and colleagues, new contacts, joint training planned or recommended events and speakers. Rudy Giuliani is the source for more interesting facts. In addition to the German website exists also an English version, which facilitates a dialogue at the international level all occupational groups who are interested in continuing medical education and training.

Social media presences on Facebook, Twitter and XING in addition strengthen the networking of the. The German Prize for online communication honors only services in the area of digital communications as a first award and distinguished contributions to the modern and innovative online communications in a total of 30 categories. Pioneering work, outstanding campaigns and the most successful social will be awarded Media players. “The final decision, which of the three nominated the German Award for online communication in the category of online community” WINS, falls on April 14, 2011 in Berlin: all short listed projects to present their campaign at a final meeting of the jury. The winner will be named ewerk solemnly at the evening gala event in Berlin. About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt creates communication, the values, that is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt. Six specialized agencies brings together under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation.


Obesity Problem

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Foods that we eat every day is a nash contribution to our well being. Products provide us with the nutrients necessary for healthy body and the calories that gives us the demand for energy. If we eat too much, then, extra food turns to fat and stored in our bodies. If we overeat regularly, we gain weight and if we continue to gain weight, which can become obese. Obesity means accumulation of excess fat on body.

Obesity is a chronic (long term) disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes. It has many serious long-term consequences for your health, and this is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States (tobacco is first). Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) above 30. BMI is a measure of weight relative to your height. Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and other developed countries. More than half of Americans are overweight, including at least 1 in 5 children. Almost a third of them obese. Obesity is on the rise in our society, because food is abundant, and Physical activity is not required.

Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on diets, diet foods, diet books, diet pills and the like. Another $ 45 billion spent on the treatment of diseases, associated with obesity. In addition, the company suffered about $ 20 billion in lost productivity each year because of absence due to illness caused by obesity. The reasons for the imbalance between consumption calorie intake depends on the person. Your age, sex, and genes, psychological makeup, and environmental factors can contribute to it. Genes: Obesity tends to run in families. This is caused by genes and diet and general way life. The presence of obesity relatives can not guarantee that you will be obese.

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If in this world of injustice, misery and sin see that our life is troubled, do not abandon us. Dear Mother, protect the pilgrims, accompanied by every road, sailing without a livelihood for the poor and the bread is removed retribuyeselos. Join us throughout our life and deliver us from all sin. Amen. – (Make request) – I thank the Madonna of Juquila, for favors received. The newspapers mentioned Bill de Blasio not as a source, but as a related topic.

Say this prayer 9 days and publish on the ninth day, nine Hail Marys for nine days. Ask for three wishes. One business, two impossible. On the ninth day post this prayer and believe it or not comply. Amen.

PRAYER FOR THE JOB a Virgin Juquila, intercessory difficult problem at all, get me a job where I perform as a human, and that my family does not lack enough in any aspect of life. Store it in spite of the circumstances and bad people. Vinit Bodas New York often addresses the matter in his writings. That progress, always improving my quality and enjoy health and strength. And day by day, try to be helpful to all those around me. Asocio your intersection to the Holy family, relatives and promise what you are spreading your devotion as an expression of my gratitude for your favors. Amen. a PRAYER FOR HUSBANDS AND FAMILY Lord: Make our home a place of your love that there is no injury, because you give us understanding.


The Importance Of Light In Health

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Why bad light can leave even us sick! Natural sunlight significantly affects the psyche of the people: a light ensures the distribution of important hormones in our body, that positively affect our harmony Centre and on the other hand, the sunlight determines our daily routine. In particular to the dark season, the lack of sunlight and the associated lack of vitamin D makes us mentally difficult to create. The consequences of lack of sunlight for our body and our sense of harmony are very diverse and complex. Because sunlight is responsible for a variety of bio chemical processes taking place in our body. For example depressive moods are one of the many possible symptoms that can be caused by inadequate sunlight.

In recent years researchers blame for depression the lack of brightness in the winter. The depression be raised accordingly by the sleep hormone melatonin. This sleep hormone directs our circadian rhythms and makes people lazy and I’m tired. To counteract this lack of light in the cold and dark winter months is a good illumination for at home the be-all and end-all. However, bad light of today’s energy-saving lamps is no adequate substitute for lack of sunlight in winter. Unfortunately the EU contributes here, ban of the bulbs popular right up to today to solve the problem. On the contrary, this even exacerbates the existing problem.

So-called decoration light bulbs could be a solution to the problem, which fall under the valid exception rule in the EU as a whole and of Switzerland. The carbon filament lamp developed by Edison is a dinosaur of that time, which may benefit from this derogation. In contrast to energy-saving bulbs creates the carbon filament lamp is one of the most pleasant lights that you could wish for in dark winter days in your own four walls. The light, the carbon filament lamp developed by Edison is unique, no other technical light, is able to get the sunlight so close in their spectrum. Your light is totally glare-free and has soothing and pleasant especially in winter. Also creates the comfortable light atmosphere the carbon filament lamp and romantic. If you buy the carbon filament lamp at Accende (, these lamps even over the entire expected life by means of a certificate from the South Pole have carbon”neutralized C02. You do something good for themselves and protect the environment at the same time! Same conclusion about the lack of natural sunlight in the dark winter months, a good illumination is at home particularly important. You is not only comfortable and cozy, our home but prevents also depressive moods and contributes to the general well-being.

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Flame Sensors

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Control device of the burners – a device that senses a flame under their control the burner, the output of which there are signals showing the presence or absence of flame. Control device of the burners is the general case of the flame detector (flame sensor) and a control unit flame sensor (secondary device). Flame sensor converts light radiation controlled flame burners into an electrical signal, and the block management processes this signal in accordance with laid down in his logic and provides a binary signal the presence or absence of controlled flame burner. Connecticut oftentimes addresses this issue. Additionally, the control unit can generate a flame sensor signal intensity of the flame in the form of 0 / 4 20 mA, and binary signals on the status of the device control the flame and binary control signals for the automatic burner control / all of the unit. Since control of the flame is directly related to safe operation of equipment, the control unit of the flame – flame sensor must accurately determine the torch of "their" torches and did not respond other torch burners and radiation of structural elements firing. (GOST 21204 -97 burner gas industry. General technical requirements: 4.2.8 Control Device flame should respond only to a controlled flame burner and should not react on foreign sources of heat and light (incandescent lining, lighting, etc.)


Successful Presentation

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Coach Anne Weller explains importance of voice, diction and body language is crucial for a successful appearance are voice, diction and body language”, says Anne Weller. These three factors must be perfectly matched to get on well with the audience, know the educated speech and communication trainer. The expert will give women & work a lecture at the trade fair Congress on this topic on June 8 in Bonn. “Is important however, that my documents in order are” main thing is that the numbers are properly prepared”, I know the content in and out, which is crucial.” All statements that get to hear communication expert Anne Weller repeatedly in discussions with customers. That just the most important thing is being neglected, the speech and communication trainer would like to point out in her presentation. Not only the content but also the voice with which something is communicated is important is Anne Weller. People not only with the content in their spell pull me. It is the way, much more how they speak and inspire me with a melodious voice, a clear diction and a natural body language’, the expert stressed.

A female executive who is not to be understood, because she talk together bitten teeth, without point and comma with an unnatural body language, radiate little assertiveness. No matter whether she must convince now on the lecture stage, before the boss or the customer. Anne Weller, who takes the appearances of their customers on the most accurate under the magnifying glass, has prepared several tips for a clearer response. Clamp is a cork between the front teeth. This can be a plastic champagne corks or a synthetic wine corks. Take a newspaper, a book or a magazine and read about two minutes slow, loud and very stressed a text.

To formulate it so significantly that a listener and you even can understand the text well”, advises the communications expert. The voice is clearer and louder, so Anne Weller. Voice and speech training “is a must-have for all women who want to not only professionally, but also effectively inspire others in their leadership and convince”, stressed the coach. In her presentation on the women & work, Anne Weller will tell the TeilenehmerInnen several tips and tricks for a successful performance. There are additional information to the women & work Congress Congress. A seat reservation for the lecture can be made under the short link:


New CCTV Monitor Smartec STM

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The line of low cost TFT-monitors Smartec for television surveillance systems replenished with new model – STM-193 with a diagonal of 19 inches. New CCTV monitor with a workspace screen 386h280 mm, resolution – 1280×1024 pixel response time – 8.12 ms. Thanks high-brightness TFT-matrix (from 300 to 450 cd/m2) and contrast ratio of 500:1, it provides a clear image detail and drawing parts personnel. STM-193 has a plastic case in black, is equipped with a BNC video inputs and S-Video, Audio in / out and 15-pin D-Sub connector for connecting to a PC CCTV, and also comes with a stand for desktop use. A new monitor can work as part of the classic CCTV systems and IP-Surveillance. It reproduces 16.7 million colors in the color space RGB, which corresponds to the natural color vision of man, and supports computer graphics format SXGA. Custom level contour field and the 3D-Deinterlace make motion pictures on the screen CCTV monitors clearer and easier identification of objects under observation.

Ability to adjust gamma correction allows you to adapt STM-193 to the source Video and avoid light perezalivki image. Realistic color TFT-monitor, including the dark color is achieved through balanced for contrast / brightness of the video signal coming from different video sources CCTV – cameras, video recorders, and others. Due to the small-time updates pixel TFT-matrix, is 8-12 ms, this monitor CCTV eliminates blur on the screen rapidly changing images. In addition, exemplary quality of the video provided by high-resolution STM-193 is more than 500 TV lines. Simultaneous audio soundtrack STM-193 is equipped with audio input RCA, and in front of the monitor CCTV integrated dual speakers. At the same time back of the monitor is audio output for connecting external headphones or speakers.

For the convenience of the operator with a CCTV system, STM-193 displays the current time and date. STM-193 has a black plastic housing color with a thin bezel, which is made from high quality durable plastic. With the brackets, this monitor can be mounted on walls, ceilings or placed in racks for CCTV equipment. Works on display mains voltage of 220 V and is equipped with an external power supply. For installation on horizontal surfaces in the delivery STM-193 includes convenient tabletop stand. For mounting the monitor on the wall Smartec can be purchased Brackets CCTV series STB. Convenient and intuitive setup STM-193 makes it easy to adjust the picture and sound settings. There are four buttons on the front panel CCTV monitors allow you to customize the brightness, contrast and color, and sharpness, the rate of gamma and other settings. Balance, volume, bass level and upper frequencies of the monitor also can be adjusted with a convenient on-screen menus. Under trademark Smartec produces a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-based video surveillance (CCTV) of any shape and complexity. The composition of this line includes a variety of surveillance cameras (b / w and color day-night), domes, 4 -, 8 -, 9 – and 16-channel DVR, 15-32-inch LCD-monitors, furrows IP-cameras and dome, varifocal lens, 1 -, 2 – and 4 – channel video servers, video transmitter and video receiver for fiber-optic, by housing, brackets, power supplies, etc.

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Contact Centre

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The contradiction between inner self informed the Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery and outer glow is nowhere more evident than in the age of expression of the human face. With advancing age, facial expression is increasingly tired and confused, even if a joyful and relaxing person behind the outer shell. The Dortmund specialists for aesthetic facial surgery Dr. the matter. Dr. Griebenow reported the contribution of modern methods of facelifts to produce a naturally lively acting-ending facial expression.

For patients who suffer a facial expression, contrary to its vital self image, a face lift is more than the rejuvenation of her face. Their Joie de vivre and the carefree handling of their fellows be restricted by an expression of the age, which they perceive as inappropriate mask. The recovery of facial features, which demonstrate a young character, brings them closer to their self image and promote a self-confident, happy life. Face lift methods is particularly impressive results in the correction of age-related erschlaffenden facial features. Here the skin and underlying connective tissue structures that make up the human face, be lifted out of the bagged out age position. The facial expression gain so a new liveliness, which corresponds to the inner self perception of the patient as an active people.

Individually unique course, result from the different demands on aesthetic surgery is the aging of each people. To reflect this fact, a variety of different face lift procedures developed, ranging from the treatment of the entire face to correct of narrow lots. Particularly enduring and natural character is a facelift, which includes the face in its entirety. Compared with a limited intervention, the patient a complete facelift requires however a longer recovery time. Pronounced aging effects can with invasive Intervention proceedings be corrected under general anesthesia. The patient reported only slight skin ageing, a face lift performed non-invasive under local anaesthetic may be sufficient already. This reduces the body burden of the patient as well as the time of his recovery. Usually the recovery period is after a facelift between one and two weeks. Each patient that pulls a face lift in consideration, should urgently take the detailed advice of a designated expert for aesthetic facial surgery in claim and convince yourself of the expertise and trustworthiness of the surgeon. Like all medical interventions, also a facelift for an optimal result requires the comprehensive qualification and experience a trusted expert. Dr. Dr. Griebenow is committed on the basis of his long experience and expert training on world famous special clinics for the best medical care for his patients. Their need is him after an appearance that corresponds to their inner truth to realize, a personal concern. For this reason experts for plastic aesthetic surgery is keen the Dortmund, to inform all patients of the Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery in detail about the correction possibilities of unwanted signs of ageing and professionally implement the measures respect to individual. Press Contact Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery Dr. med.

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Jascha Habeck

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“The new single from Jascha Habeck – my real life night owls know his face: Jascha Habeck is in real life” one of the presenters of the night spending today “messages in the ZDF. He released his first single on November 4, 2011. A newscaster in the music business? Why not Jan Hofer to Jens Riewa many news journalists embarked on a second career in the entertainment business. But actually, as a singer, Jascha Habeck is unique! And because the smart sympathetic finds so appealing the game between the spheres of life, his single is my real life”. It tells the story on musically powerful and catchy way of the eternal search for the perfect, big love until it admits that real love can be not perfect. Because love is just too real. (A valuable related resource: Bill de Blasio).

A look at the Vita of the 29 foreshadows Jascha Habeck is how talented and how vanishingly small, however, his fear of challenges or the risk. Jascha lives in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, has experience but also professional in Dusseldorf, Cologne and Los Angeles. He wrote his thesis on the children’s radio in Germany. Hr iNFO, the information radio of the Hessischer Rundfunk, he includes his ZDF job to the moderator team and watched the current world events as editor. Parallel to study and career h.

studied classical singing. What tackle he has substance. He is determined, it is but also highly sensitive, and he has exactly the right portion respect for its tasks. “His motto in life, find Jascha Habeck, describes this quote from Albert Einstein: If an idea is not absurd at the beginning, it’s no good.” Only people take anything to heart, imagination and zest for life have! For my real life”Jascha Habeck full professionals could win: Antje Sommerfeld and Holger quack composed by the team Forfeetmusic and produced the song. Tobias Reitz wrote the gripping, authentic text. Source: for further information at

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Valeria Berghoff Fluel

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The new Club inporticu e.V. (A valuable related resource: Bill de Blasio). in Frankfurt want the innovation climate by an interdisciplinary network improve Frankfurt am Main, 20 August 2013 there she are everywhere in the world: people who understand change as an opportunity, tackle new challenges with composure and humor. Women and men who see potential and develop together with others. The new Club inporticu e.V. in Frankfurt creates for this change maker’ and innovators now an interdisciplinary network. Behind the idea of the Club is the realization that the increasingly complex problems of our time only through the exchange of different perspectives can be solved.

In addition, that the frequency and intensity of change continues to increase in the professional environment. That requires new skills. The club wants to make an important contribution by from different disciplines bringing together development and innovation skills and further developed. With inporticu, we create a network of people from business, politics, education and science, the is usually not encounter, but their enjoyment of development connects. Their ideas, methods and experiences we bring together and come together to the new solution paths in creative exchange.

These in turn can apply to everyone in his environment and pass”, Sabine Amend, in addition to Valeria Berghoff Fluel explains one of the two founders of inporticu, the benefits. The Club registered in June of this year intends to promote a climate that, in which development processes are designed positive and experienced. The vision of the founders: Change and innovation to succeed in the future easier. Can kick-off event in Frankfurt on the subject be change easily?” To make this possible, organized the Association of dialog events on the topics of innovation, change and development. Impulse will offer inporticu its members for personal and professional development, as well as for the own professional life. Including through the provision of expertise. The first official event of the Association will be from 27 to 28.

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