12 Tips To Sleep Better

Posted on March 29, 2019 By

fresh 1.Ambiente Duer me in an pleasant atmosphere. The ideal temperature to sleep is between 65 and 72F. A slight loss of temperature in your body always induces to sleep, is why to lie down in a fresh bed after a hot bath he is so relajante (VH Shiatsu). 2.Reduce your anxiety before going to sleep It turns around the clocks with light to avoid you are watching that it. It avoids to eat three hours before going to sleep. Alcohol, tobacco and caffein bring about anxiety; evtalos before sleeping.

3.Considera possible allergies Reviews pillows, sheets, detergent and softener that you use, the place of the mascot, if there is dust, cubrecama, perfumes, and other elements that can affect the atmosphere of the dormitory. All these can cause nasal congestion that distorts the dream. 4.Atencin to caffein Observes how it responds your body to caffein and regulates its consumption so that it does not affect your dream. There are people who can drink several cups of coffee, teas or soda waters before sleeping and are not affected, whereas to it stimulates them so to others only one cup. 5.Haz a little noise Uses basic music or a CD that it tranquilizes to you.

One more a simpler alternative is to tune your radius. That atmospheric noise (white-noise) will help you to cover those disagreeable noises that can arise. The ventilators can generate a humming constant that sometimes make the dream pleasant. 6.Deja to sleep to the other Organizes their hours of dream. There are pairs that they must go to sleep and woke up to different hours by the work, its social events or simple style of life (massage centers). The trick to sleep better is to respect the dream of the other. 7.Preprate to sleep Reljate before acostarte. Stress not only affects by day, also cause damage in the dream.