Radio Arsenio Erico

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Ms. MARGARITA SNCHEZ, RADIO ARSENIO ERICO of new YORK in EL ATENEO read original (click) on: date, Saturday, April 3, 2010, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI received at its headquarters Central of the city of Fernando de la Mora; Mrs Margarita Sanchez, Paraguayan based in the city of New York (United States), where…

Governing Island

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It is in the hour to finish with this flock of thief. Until clown he is politician in these parents! Where we go to stop? We walk for a social revolution, the people already does not support more, this type of politician. POLITICS OF GREETS: It did not have no investment of the government of…

SPA-holiday In The East

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East gives its guests an unforgettable experience: opens its nature, introduces the culture and life, gives the opportunity to see many sights, to try national dishes, and just plunge into the atmosphere – especially for each of its countries. But all this sea of colors, smells, sounds – just one side of travel. Recreation in…

Ulrich Forstermann

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So the antioxidant extended the lifespan of yeast by 60 percent, from flies and worms by 30 percent. Ulrich Forstermann, Director of the Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Mainz, was surprised by the new study only partly. The diversity of the effects of the acetyl is however impressive. I find it amazing that…

Secrets And Features Of Perfume

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Secrets and especially the use of perfume. When choosing a perfume should be guided by the following rules: Choose fragrance should rely only on themselves. We should not use scented papers or pieces of foam rubber. On the skin of the perfume or perfume can smell very differently. Better to put a drop of scented…


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On request consumer device can be equipped with factory calibration protocol, which, unlike the protocol state. verification, will accurately indicate the measurement error at various points in the measurement range. Opportunity of alignment by the user, where necessary, especially important for humidity sensors for capacitive sensing elements. Calibration interval for these devices is 12 months….

New York Stock Exchange

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Chile’s LAN and the Brazilian TAM took a new step to finalize the creation of the largest airline in Latin America. Yesterday they announced the signing of a binding agreement between the two companies and their controlling shareholders, which now only remains to get approval from part of antitrust agencies. In companies they expect that…

Organ Replacement In The United States

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Networking of donor / recipient pairs in the United States, an idea from the United States – the exchange for organ donations – faces the breakthrough. About 75,000 Americans need a donor kidney, a transplant takes place only in 17,000 cases per year. The demand is higher than supply. The Internet health portal informs…