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High praise for the GS agri EC by the Lower Saxony Agriculture Minister Schneider Krug (hue). GS agri EC can track the current discussions to dioxin exceedances in feed as a purely passive observers left, because the own extensive control mechanisms at any time have access. Quality management, a major component of the company’s philosophy, focused on security proves to be as a guarantee of the product quality of the GS countryside. This is one of the results of the call with the Lower Saxony Agriculture Minister Gert Lindemann (CDU) and the General Secretary of the State CDU, Ulf Thiele. The politicians visited the headquarters in Schneider Krug (Emstek) and the feed plant in Garrel on Thursday.

The business of Lande came great Macke (CDU) at the invitation of the Cloppenburg member of Parliament Clement. Large Macke, who is also farm policy spokesman of the CDU Regional Assembly group, had suggested the visit the Minister to spot on the processes in the manufacture of compound feedingstuffs for farmed animals like for example pigs, to inform poultry or cattle. At the presentation of the company Managing Director Anton Kromer proudly explained that the Group has experienced a significant increase in sales last year and about a hundred social insurance bodies have been newly created. Following Chairman Hubertus Meyer explained the “seamlessly and easily traceable production chain”, which allows to guarantee the safety of products from GS countryside at any time. Meyer expressly emphasized the good cooperation with the authorities since the dioxin exceedances at another company.

This compliment promptly returned Minister Lindemann: “thank you very for the close cooperation and the rapid disclosure of your information. This has greatly the reconnaissance work us”. To be in the future even better prepared, Lambert announced a further networking of public and internal controls in the feed manufacturing process. “Technical Fats and fats for the production of feed must be strictly separated”, turned out to Lambert. That cause and course of current discussions to exceedances in dioxin very annoys him, Lindemann stated once again, as he announced a review of the Penal for any offense. This intention was also great Macke applause, who assured that the Government will also continue to do all to expose the black sheep of the industry. “The citizens can be confident that their food is absolutely in order are”, from Addrup, politicians emphasized. After a change of venue was Heinz Neesen, also Managing Director of GS agri, the visitors through the highly modern feed production plant in 2007 commissioned in Garrel. Minister Lindemann and General Secretary of the CDU Thiele took the opportunity to ask some beyond on a usual visit Neesen, gladly answered Neesen to the production process. In particular they previously aforementioned control mechanisms found this popularity. Press contact: henneundei, Thomas Tjaden, to the quay 16, 26725 Emden Tel: 04921 58 97 97 fax: 04921 58 97 99 E-mail:

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