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Beyond the knowledge on the anatomy human being and tecnologia' '. (Neiva, access in 25/09/2010). The great concern of the drawing technician is in the transmission of all the details that compose the part. As Doris Treptow in the drawing technician must be specified the types and amounts of backstitches, size of openings (as pockets), the position and the amount of buttons, the tracing of clippings, at last, all the type of information that can be useful the pilotista modelista and. 2.5.Desenhos of Prints the prints are used images or engravings to differentiate models, to express ideas, to signal trends.

The professional who carries through this type of function is graphical to designer. Traditionally the principles of design graphical were on to a formalism and bureaucracy, in the world of the fashion it exists the freedom of creation and contextualizao that designer becomes graphical basic part in the development of a fashion collection. The prints can be located, be effected part for part, or would print race, that is when the print is made still in the fabric before being cut the model. Located print is the print made with screens and inks already with the part previously cut, consists of some drawings, that result in some screens depending on the amount of colors in the print. Already the print race is divided in cylindrical print and for termofixaao (paper to transfer): a.Estampa Cylindrical Is done print directly in the fabric, is the process to create the fabric printed, is used perforateed metallic cylinders with the drawings of the print.

For each color a cylinder is made. The ink is placed inside of the cylinder and a funny machine the cylinders having applied the ink in the fabric as in a graphical. As Alexander Gijon this is the process most modern of would print race, its cost of preparation is a little more raised, but the production time is faster, however the limit of eight colors exists.