Alfred Edersheim

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Thus, the man if divorced when he wanted. Reasons for this had of surplus, inside of this conception of Hiller, with this interpretation, the divorce that was allowed, as exception, to protect the woman, were at that generalized practical time one. The woman, although not to have authority to demand the divorce, however, second, the doctor Alfred Edersheim, had exception in the case of being the leprous husband or to work in dirty service, for example, in tannery or boiler, and also in the case of religious apostasia, if hugged a heretical religion. The declaration of the Alfred doctor Edersheim, if coats with certain merit for being Jewish with deep knowledge of the Mishn. It was become the Christianity, this in the Second half of century XIX.

He was Professor of the University of Edimburgo, Esccia. The doctor Alfred Edersheim says that the divorce had legal force, and had that to be written in explicit terms, and delivers personally to the woman in two presence of testemunhas' ' , therefore it was a public act. The divorce in the evangelhos (2 point) Jesus spoke on the subject in its celebrates ' ' Sermon of the Monte' ' (TM 5,31, 32). The divorce becomes to appear when the fariseus bring the subject for Jesus (TM 19.3: Mc 10,2). They wanted to know if Christ would take the party of Shammai or Hiller, but Jesus was Deeper: he disrespected these rabnicas schools total and he demanded the word of God. ' ' Also that one was said that to repudiate its woman, gives divorce letter to it. I, however say, you: Any that to repudiate its woman, except in case of illicit sexual relations displays, it to become adulteress; that one that if to marry the repudiated one, commits adultrio' ' (TM 5.31.32). The divorce of Moiss (3 point) v.31 says respect to the ticket of Dt 24.1-4.