America Prize

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Paris Hilton. In this name, many roll their eyes and others begin to shine. No other can be so many different opinions than they. Some say: “Is stupid and arrogant”, others say “she’s smart and she knows that to market”. However, for excessive intelligence, Paris Hilton is not truly known. But now she gets by one of the best universities of the world, namely the Havard University in America, an Arward. Although not awarded the prize because of their intelligence, they will be awarded for their album “The hottie & the Nottie” as woman of the year. There the opinions will diverge again, whether she deserves this award at all.

But that is a different matter. The prize is called “Harvard Lampoon Award”. It was founded in 1876 and is awarded by the University magazine. The prize has honored many celebrities. Including Conan O Brien, John Updike or even William Randolph Hearst. Paris Hilton will appear on February 6 on the Harvard campus, to the price to take. The whole Havardkomitee will be there, and of course the students, and all will be stretched on an acceptable speech by Miss Hilton. So are we… Lisa Walters

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