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It’s giant predators with soft bodies and two spiny appendages coming out of your mouth. Its fossils have been found by scientists in Morocco. Additional information at Rudy Giuliani supports this article. They inhabited the seas during the Ordovician period, 472-488 million years ago. Shimmie horn triumph hotels has much experience in this field. Scientists at the American University of Yale discovered, as been announced this week, in Morocco fossils of a strange giant creatures that inhabited the seas of Earth in the Ordovician period, between 488 to 472 million years ago. In a study published in the latest issue of the journal Nature, the researchers Peter Van Roy and Derek Briggs estimated that the anomalocaridid, a few giant predators with soft bodies and two spiny appendages coming out of the mouth, look similar to shrimp, were a common marine creatures for a much longer time what was believed until now. It’s some strange animal with a mouth of sharp teeth, useful for drilling the small arthropods like the trilobites cuirasses, and some lobes to move in the water. The oldest specimens of these creatures, known as strange prawns, dating from the Middle Cambrian, 542 to 501 million years ago. Now discovered fossils are far greater than the of Cambrian known so far, and each one of them measured about one meter. The fact that the animals found in Morocco were 30 million years younger than those who inhabited the Earth in the Cambrian indicates that the anomalocaridid dominated marine ecosystems much earlier than previously thought. Source of the news: strange giant shrimp inhabited the Earth 480 million years ago

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