Archaeological Zone

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How to arrive at the Archaeological Zone of Chichn Itz. If in your vacations you are going away to provide with accomodations in any place of the Mayan Riviera, Mexico and you want to visit the Mayan ruins of the Archaeological Zone of Chichn Itz you can obtain a bus leaving Tulum or of Playa del Carmen towards I crushed. The town of I crushed, nearest Mayan pyramids of the Archaeological Zone of Chichen Itz, is to 157 km 97 miles of Cancn and 120 km 74 miles of Merida, Yucatan, in Mexico. Also there is direct transportation from the airport the International of Cancn Mexico or from the terminal of buses of the center of the Cancun. Once you arrive at the bus-stop in the town from I crushed, you will have to take a taxi, since is a little retired the Mayan ruins of the Archaeological Zone of Chichn Itz and of the Mayaland Hotel. The Mayaland Hotel Hotel offers service of transportation VIP from the hotel to the white city city of Merida and Cancn. If you wish to lead until the town of I crushed, it takes 180 freeway frees or the Highway of Quota toll freeway.

In all the way there is signalling that will guide to you. The two highways are in excellent conditions, but the quota freeway is faster because it has several tracks, it does not have top, it has powerboats and is very well illuminated. The maps do not tend to show so much the highways, but they are close one of the other. If you handle from Tulum Playa del Carmen, is advisable not to take the route from the Cob forest, that of insurance will waste and waste valuable time. There he is better to take freeway 307 to Cancn and of deviacin towards Mayan pyramids from the Archaeological Zone from Chichn Itz.

The way most practical to arrive at Chichn Itz, is in tour. The Tours to the Mayan ruins of the Archaeological Zone of Chihcn Itz includes round tranportacin with comfortable seats, conditioned air, refreshments and bath, the Mayan entrance to pirmides and guide of tourists. In Chichn Itz there are hotels for all the budgets. In the hotel Pyramid In, that approximately is to km of kilometer around average mile of the Mayan ruins of Chichn Itz in the entrance to the National Archaeological Zone can be installed tents.