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Paul polished skills as a student at the Faculty of Biology University of Leningrad. Lost in the Zoological Museum, helped there the taxidermist, at the same time and learned from them. And for student of biology, these studies were not required, but Paul was very interesting. Today in our city that he – one of the few recognized by the profession. He has his own studio-workshop, a lot of customers – often those who seek to perpetuate his hunting trophy. Those wishing to become more and more.

Quality made stuffed animals depends largely because, as he correctly hunter in the woods initially handle the trophy. Jacket – the material is very moody and does not forgive mistakes. That is why Paul in recent years through his articles in hunting magazines trying to convey to the hunters about the primary treatment of trophies to hide were suitable for the manufacture of stuffed animals. In order for such information can benefit many potential clients Paul has had to open the site. In the manufacture of stuffed animals sometimes have to hide laid for several days: every strand of wool, each feather should look like at a live animal. The slightest carelessness could spoil it all: work and then can not be undone.

During the work he is constantly looking at pictures manufactured at the moment the animal. Indeed, in this profession the main teacher – is nature itself. Especially difficult to make a stuffed animal with open mouth – you need a full study of the sky, teeth, tongue, lips. That's the carpet brown bear with open mouth, made by Paul, and brought him a few years ago the title. And in February this year at the iv championship of Russia on taxidermy in Moscow, it is a full-length lynx was awarded the diploma I degree. As in any profession, the master is taboo. Paul would never agree to make a stuffed pet, because she thinks it's second gust owner who tries to even more on some time to leave with a pet. In this state, often people do not realize that it is self-deception. Also, there is almost insuperable difficulty – namely, it is impossible to convey facial expressions pet. After all, individual look know Only the owner, who had spent with your pet for many years. Now at Paul already has his disciples, he is ready to work with beginners, he is constantly looking for creative people, but only the necessarily enthusiastic, persistent, understanding that understand the mystique is not easy. He constantly reminds his disciples that the road will master just walking. Have him deal with the no-nonsense approach, when the first people wondered whether the lucrative deal taxidermy. With such Paul prefers to not have as sure: if the first man advantage, rather than enthusiasm, passion, patience, a true master of it does not grow. This applies to customers – he immediately distinguishes avid hunters from those who felt it necessary to go on the hunt, and then brag about the stuffed animals produced exclusively for fashion. This hunter will tell in detail how stalked prey, what emotions had survive. These memories require a lot of time, which is never enough, but Paul understood these fans – himself a hunter. Maybe it's because both demand and art of Paul Glazkova among knowledgeable people that he had not only an acceptable balance of quality and price, but also the soul hunter, understanding the passion and enthusiasm.