Cable Traders

Posted on July 24, 2018 By

Today, NFP data are estimated to be negative, so that the pair USD / JPY could be under pressure, reaching new lows. The Cable recorded values in Asia in the area of 1.4754, failing to reach highs yesterday, and the 1.4631 lows. Obviously, the cable had already digested the alleged cuts interest rates by the BoE. Aggressive traders can buy books on the area of 1.4600. The euro is standing firm in the area of 1.2801; minimum recorded in the area of 1.2675 in anticipation of increased pressure from U.S.

data. In my view, the euro will continue to consolidate before the 1.3000 mark, Aggressive traders can buy on the 1.2700 area. USD / CHF rallied at night, with highs in the 1.2130 area, however, continues to hover around the 1.2200 area; Aggressive traders may sell the currency on 1.2150 in my view. USD / CAD is still standing firm, despite political conflicts in Canada, and its negative, while several operators sold the CAD and the level of resistance continues in the area of 1.2950 and rising slightly, in New York maximum recorded in the area of 1.2910, suggesting that the pair is trying its level before the U.S. data are published. Overnight liquidity was low, with most of the currencies you may find levels of support / resistance against the greenback, and are not considered new ranks, which will cause the dollar to reach its top technician. It is estimated that if this happens, the dollar will fall today.