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It has been estimated that three of every four overweight people are addicted to carbohydrates. But what does that mean? In essence, this means that you have too much of the hormone insulin in your system. This insulin encourages you to eat frequently and eat the wrong types of food. Some of the telltale signs of addiction to carbohydrates include fatigue, mood swings, and migraine headaches, which can be caused by low blood sugar. An addiction to carbohydrates can lead to eating a whole bag of cookies in one sitting, or indulge yourself eating half cake at dinner. His body is conditioned to eat carbs as much as possible. Therefore, it may seem that sometimes you are never really satisfied, no matter how much or how often you eat. At the level of the carbohydrate addicts diet, you should eat two meals consisting of vegetables and proteins; another food consists of, vegetable proteins that are not filled with starch and carbohydrates.

During this last meal, known as the food reward, you can even eat the dessert. The trick is to skip the carbohydrates by two meals each day. The authors of the carbohydrate addicts diet believe that, if you follow this regime, you will lose your cravings for carbohydrates. If your need to consume carbohydrates does not disappear in the second week of the program, it is recommended to check your diet to see if the program you are following closely. With the diet for people addicted to carbohydrates, like other diet plans, it is necessary to closely monitor the size of the portions. All your hard work will be in vain if it is left to lead as soon as to indulge yourself too with the jam, even if it is for a single meal a day. Also, you must ensure that the protein consumed is not high in fat.