Caterers Bielefeld – The Hottest Party Of The Year!

Posted on August 31, 2016 By

Bar Concept Riewenherm Partyservice Bielefeld dances, fire show; Tequila who knows you not, the most legendary bar around the world? There is talk of the “Coyote Ugly” bar in New York. Who even wants to experience this spectacle no longer need travel to New York. That has never happened, because for one night, Kaunitz became the capital of the coyotes. Now, the party’s hammer finally enters the region. “Night of the coyotes”, the original from the United States, 18 April (start: 21:00) in the East Westphalia Hall Kaunitz. And they want everything and it immediately! There is talk of the stunning barmaids who will bring visitors on the specially brought show counter of ecstasy. And the girls are not alone. They have even strong men in the luggage for the female guests in the audience. This event is an absolute must for adventure, whether man or woman. All come on their Kosten.Garantiert! Bar Concept Riewenherm Partyservice & event planning Bielefeld, Gutersloh & Paderborn.

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