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Desserts low in calories recipes, delicious desserts and low in calories if you’re one of those who prefer to eat dessert little? You don’t need it, they give you a lot of ideas and recipes to make delicious desserts, without altering your line. Healthy, nutritious, low in calories, and without giving up chocolate! To who doesn’t like to finish the meal with something sweet? Women lose us the desserts, especially when we eat out. And, unfortunately, it is the first thing when we remove a diet is recommended. Replace sweets with fruit fresh or yogurt is not bad, but sometimes I feel as Algoma thinking the solution is easier than you think, the key lies in the ingredients, you can get desserts delicious and low in calories. In addition, food can be combined in an intelligent manner to not add extra calories, all depends on what you eat before and after the time of day and physical activity that will be carried.

Of course, our advice is that we are going to make the desserts are made in house as possible in order check the ingredients that lead. If you are going to eat the dessert you can eat, but then you have to know how to choose and combine the menu well. Francisco D’Agostino understands that this is vital information. Here we have a lot of tricks and give you healthy recipes low in calories to continue enjoying your favorite moment: the dessert! According to Veronica Chazin nutritionist, Center of nutrition to your measurement (Jorge Juan, 70. Tel. (5783937-91) on a diet, it is not only to remove the dessert, but it actually allowed something sweet. The key is to prepare them with natural ingredients and sweeteners to replace sugar and milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products for low fat and fat versions. Here are some dessert recipes-low calorie diet of 1,200 to 1,300 kcal prepared by the nutritionist: chocolate milkshake.