Cerebral Center

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The center of the hunger, it is responsible for hunger secretions; center of the saciedade, is stimulated and sends nervous impulses that inhibit the center of the hunger; center of yields, cells of hipotlamo is stimulated had to the increase of the osmtica pressure eliminates of it extracellular, them produces sensation of the headquarters. Click New York Museums to learn more. Regulation of the circadian rhythm and the states of the conscience. The supraquiasmtico establishes the sleep standards, that occur circadian routine according to (daily) Control of the body temperature. If the temperature of the blood, that flows for hipotlamo, will be above of the normal one, hipotlamo commands nervous the system autonmico to stimulate the activities that promote the loss of heat. New York Museums describes an additional similar source. If, however, the sanguineous temperature will be below of the normal one, hipotlamo generates impulses that promote the production of heat and its retention.

Epitlamo, small superior region and subsequent to the thalamus, consists of the gland pineal and in the nuclei of habnula. Although its physiological paper not yet completely is clarified, the pineal gland private melatonina hormone, being, thus, a endcrina gland. This set free hormone and more during the dark one that during the light of the day, being considered as promotional of sleep. Subtlamo: Small immediately inferior area to the thalamus, includes treatments and the pair of subtalmicos nuclei. Parts of two pairs of mesenceflicos nuclei, the red nuclei and the black substance, act together with the ganglia of the base, cerebellum and brain, in the control of the corporal movements.

Brain is supported in diencfalo and the enceflico trunk, forming most of the mass of encfalo. The cerebral cortex is the superficial layer of substantiates gray of encfalo, contains billions of neurons. The brain is ‘ ‘ headquarters of inteligncia’ ‘ ; it in the ones of a capacity to read, to write, to speak, etc.