Cerebral Palsy

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The use of the drug is so old how much the human being. However the transformations in this use and its meanings are that it comes following the transformations of the humanity. To the measure where the human beings had been dominating the use of plants for feeding and medicine, its diverse effect indirect right-handers and also had been being discovered and organized, ' ' when feeling its mental effect, had started to consider them ' ' plants divinas' ' , that is, that they made with that ingested who them received messages divine, of deuses. Thus, until today in aboriginal cultures of some countries the use of these alucingenas plants it has this meaning religious. Some authors call also them psicodlicas. The psicodlica word comes of the Greek (psico = mind and delos = expansion) and is used when the person presents hallucinations and deliriums in certain insanities or for action of drugs.

These alterations do not mean expansion of mente.' ' () In many plants psychoactive substances exist, that soon peoples, with old and natural habits of life, had been discovering and been associating and using in the religious rituals. This use is divided in two basic types. The alucingenos, that modify the perception and sensitivity of the directions. These are the religiously used types more, therefore in the tribal espiritualismo, sensitivity spiritual, or mediunidade, is sharpened through the use of these plants. Details can be found by clicking Child with Cerebral Palsy or emailing the administrator. the stimulants that take off sleep, increase the adrenalin and the euphoria. However, under any point of view, we cannot separate to the sacred and ritualstica relation of the use of these ' ' drogas' ' , with the direct objective to lead to ' ' transe' '. With controlled and hierarchic use admistrado by the tribal heads. Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, peyote, opium, mushroom, are some of the older psychoactive alucingenos and/or of the world.