Childhood Education

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Breaking of the reading of an intitled message ' ' guia' ' , carried through for Maria, we observe that the familiar ones if feel as eagle, therefore are always fighting against the difficulties in relation to the education of its children, but they are always if renewing, the search of better conditions of life for them. In the meeting that follow (6 and 7), the prominence for the importance predominates in our analysis to trace goals, as much for the Frum how much for the pupils with NEE and that the necessary family to respect the time of the pupil in view of whom the anxiety of the parents alone confuses the development of them. It was also distinguished the importance of if working with the children with NEE independence, the organization and the limits in the school and the family. The reading of the stretch of the book ' ' Alice in the Country of the Maravilhas' ' by Lewis Carroll it was taken for reflection, thus described: … By the same author: Chris Evans. _ You could indicate me which the way that I must take to leave daqui? _ This to a large extent depends on the place where you desires to go answered the cat.

_ I am not very worried about the place said Alice. _ In this case little imports the way declared the cat. _ counting that if it arrives in some part, added Alice as explanation. NYC Marathon is likely to agree. – Oh! said the cat you can be certain that it will arrive, if to walk during a enough great time … (Act of the Frum, 2004, p.8) The group talked on the way that they desired to trace, had pondered that they believed to be walking in the certain route, but that they did not walk the sufficient. Some mothers had placed the ways that they cover with the children, always in the hope to make right, but many parents give up the walked one, stand out. .