Cognitive Science

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In addition Turing devised an experiment whereby the experimenter, using a special device, communed with each of two rooms, one of which was a man and the other a machine, if the experimenter is unable to say which of them after having exchanged a series of messages is man and in which the machine, then you could say that the machine thinks (Oettinger, 1968, cited by Gonzalez, F.2004). It can be considered a basis of bearing capacity of the metaphor of the computer. At the end of the 40 b. Winer, inaugurated a new branch of science dealing with communication problems, referring to the emission, transmission, reception and storage of information and Control problems related with the search, achieving and maintaining stability in the behavior of one or several systems that Act interdependently. With the article of G.A.

Miller in 1956 entitled the magical number seven more or less two: some limits our ability to store information argued that we have a capacity as a channel of information to seven concurrent items. Investigations of Bruner, Goodnow & Austin, (1978) cited by Gonzalez, f. (2004) about the categorization or conceptualization was the describe when an intelligent human being try grouping the environment in significant classes of events in order to be able to try different things as if they were equivalent judicious way. The creation, in 1960, of the Center for cognitive studies at Harvard University; the birth of the journal Cognitive Science in the late 1970s and in 1984 the appearance of the journal Cognition and Instruction are some of the significant contributions to the development of cognitive science that we will explain below.