Convention Center

Posted on May 31, 2016 By

Not only film lives the man, much less if it’s one banded 130,000 fans to popular culture until today Sunday at Comic Con in San Diego (EE UU). If the Convention is already officially launch ramp of Hollywood, where studios go on an annual basis to publicize their upcoming movies, the importance of this forum is even greater for the field of television. In an edition in which the famous H Hall, dedicated to the big movie releases, not filled completely or with the presence for the first time in his career of Steven Spielberg, the room 20 of the first floor of the Convention Center that is used for television presentations had permanently as hanging poster of no towns. It is with now is not something fans. It is an institution, he justified the Damon Lindelof press, co creator and scriptwriter of lost. This year Lindelof graduated in the higher League, presenting in Hall H her next work as a screenwriter in the film by Ridley Scott, Prometheus, an origin story of Alien. But many more were the names of cinema that offered his followers what can continue waiting for the golden age of television. Source of the news:: TV WINS film at Comic Con.