Diagnosing Loneliness

Posted on November 16, 2016 By

The diagnosis of 'loneliness' as a lot of it is a secret …. how much meaning, but broken hearts, how many lost lives. Each of us faced with this problem, but if not, then I think you are lucky. We live with the thought and dreams of great love, a strong and healthy family, but at some time realize that life is over. Someone with tears in a pillow, someone removed from the world, someone who has committed suicide, and quite a small part of a understanding. We simply can not understand why we are leaving those closest to us humans, why are betraying best friends, why we do not need anybody and just why we do not like.

And you think, why so and not otherwise, as may be all different …… but let's still try to find the answer to this question. Loneliness is when life is not just a joy and when you hear ticking clock. You feel some sort of havoc in the soul, the pain …… what you do not need anyone.

And ……… you put a point in your life, you have not happy about all that happy before, you are automatically locked from the outside world and not live and exist. Some, resigned to being alone, continue to live on, it's certainly commendable, but why? Why go to such victims 'Accept', it just automatically diagnose 'unhappy'. The world is so unpredictable that you just do not notice for a one gains love you, and that you provide a chance for a happy life.

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