Expansive Lives

Posted on March 21, 2019 By

With water the process was the same but much more complex, the water made it possible that life could be constituted as a physical living existence, thanks to that water could soften the area. In this way procrearia life so you would copy dual or dual life, evolving and expanding (the evolution would be to expand) as do the expansive energy essences; of this form to create dual lives dual lives joined as expansion remained attached to all its expansive energy essences. In this way, we created a way to copy or reproduce duality dual lives and that they be kept together and evolve through inheritance, it was the tree of life, the only way that could be created for life to exist. Life could not survive if it remained united, and the system to hold together the life would be a system of inheritance in which a life procrearia one or more lives, and these require the union of another life to create more lives by these dualities represented by males and females.

Over time, the lives that were a set of copies, like an inheritance system, dispersed, divided as if they were branches of estates or lives, to the point that living species were very different from each others were created so many different branches, that the union of a life with another to create more lives were not recognized unless they were of the same species or branch of inheritance. But the direct line of copies or inheritance, remained in the same line, that was inevitable, somebody had to have the same initial name of life, the same inheritance or direct line, and that person was the human species, because of that living species would be more evolutionary, the most old, the most direct, which could evolve mentally.