Experience The Caribbean: Cuba

Posted on December 2, 2016 By

Cuba is an ideal destination in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, for decades, millions of people around the island group from Central America flock. We show an interesting corner points of the Caribbean buying and separately present a large island. The Caribbean is a group of islands from Central America, between Venezuela and Florida. The climate is tropical, the Caribbean is located north of the equator. Therefore, the temperatures are almost consistently high and the annual average temperature is around 25 C. Accordingly, the vegetation is favored and the water in the shallow sea is warm.

The Caribbean was discovered officially 1492 Columbus, however, foreign people in the Islands lived already for several centuries. You were the Caribs, which is also the name of the archipelago. Later came the English, Spanish, French and Dutch slaves from Africa and so dominated the Islands as we know it today. Cuba is one of the popular Islands for vacationers and is also the largest. Here live about 13 million people who speak mainly Spanish and was on everyone’s lips by famous personalities. Also we know the famous jazz music, the rum and cigars from the capital Havana and connect them with the special flair and lifestyle that reigns in Cuba. The Caribbean is very versatile and has to offer especially in nature. There is a huge stint at attractions for nature – lovers and culture. The fauna is just as pronounced as the flora and invites to some visits to the open air. In addition, there are naturally enough hotels and clubs, so that family and party-goers in Cuba are very well served.

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