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New Internet presence and extended range of individuals and groups 10 years is it now that the first of southern sky tours traveled to Bolivia and Northern Chile. To celebrate of this anniversary, there was a completely new design of Web pages and an extended trip. The tour operator that sells his travels exclusively over the Internet, has not only group tours in the countries of South and Central America and the Caribbean in the program. The Division of travel planned individually for customers is a big growth market and is served by the travel experts around founder Christof Sauer competently. “Our customers want always more often to a fixed group travel, but allow for themselves and their friends work out a tailor-made journey, that matches exactly your travel needs and expectations”, so sales and Product Manager Eva Schafer.

A comprehensive consultation of employees like to report of own travel experiences, is a major strength of the company and is repeatedly praised by the clients. The first step is to find out what ideas and expectations of the customer actually connects the travel and then to develop proposals for a tour that best meets these expectations in the advice. But regardless of whether in a group or individually, the philosophy that lies behind the southern sky tours, is all important: “We emphasize at our travel care that they allow the participants to get to know country and people close. “To do this we travel in small groups or individually and will show you not only the attractions but move us away from the well-trodden tourist routes”, explains the founder of the company. The environmental and social performance of travel is at least as important. The Organizer cooperates mainly with small, locally-run agencies in the countries, to make sure that the earnings from tourism of the indigenous population is good. Can the offers from southern sky tours now on the newly designed, in holiday colors, sunny yellow and sea blue see held homepage. There, the wanderlust is aroused! The expanded program includes groups in various subjects, such as hiking, cycling, family, topics -, nature, adventure, cultural and multi activity breaks. In addition, you can tailor-made offer a trip can be, together tinker his own journey from the “dream travel components”, or take a car trip to a ready-prepared itinerary.

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