Eye Designs

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It has a tendency to Historicism. The clarity, directness and symmetry”of the building shows a classical Attitude with Renaissance and Baroque jewellery designs. in 1989, this style is categorized by Professor Albrecht Mann as “New Mannerism”. Linses residential buildings are generally divided into Rustika floor, Bel etage and superposition of jewelry designs. The decorative elements are ordered by catalog. Lens continues the Kurhaus architecture founded by Jakob Couven with the redoubt with his Burtscheider Kurhaus. In many ways, he promotes the Aachen-based nature of the music. He is a member of the Rhenish Music Festival, the urban music and Theatre Committee, recreation society and Chairman of the instrumental Club.

Before the amalgamation of Aachen is lens in Burtscheid of town councillor. Eduard lens dies as a result of a stroke at the age of 54 at his home in the Bismarckstrasse 65. His survivors (wife, brother, children, etc.) to mourn in Aachen, Koblenz, Kohlscheid and Verviers. His funeral will take place three days later Thursday, December 11, 1902. 1877 factory buildings and designs: renewal of the South and West facades of the Church of St.

Nikolaus in Aachen 1877/1886: Church St. Jakob in Aachen, Jacob Street (design by Heinrich Rui Haji) 1880 1881: Villa Waldthausen in Aachen, box ditch 33 1882: Villa Weyenberg in Aachen (demolished 1974) 1883-1884: Villa Jourdemayne in Aachen, Germany, Stolberg road 1883 1888: City Palace Villa Cassalette in Aachen, Wilhelmstrasse 18 1887: own House and Studio in Aachen, Bismarkstrasse 65 1887 1888: eye clinic in Aachen, Stephanstrasse 16 20 1889: Eye clinic of Marie hospital in Burtscheid 1889: Kurhaus in Burtscheid. Lens integrates the built in 1853-55 by city architect Friedrich Joseph Ark Fountain with pump room, the Victoria fountain. He shall roof structures wear out and instead placed a terrace enclosed by balustrades. The whole spa is destroyed in the second world war. 1889-1890: House van Rath in Cologne 1892: City Palais Charlier in Aachen (in the Frankenberger district) 1896 1897: Villa Erica in Aachen, II red Hague way 64 1900: Palais Barthold Suermondt(Bankhaus Suermondt, Spater Verwaltungsgebaude der) Aachen-Leipziger insurance company) in Aachen, theatre Road 9. The building is partly under monument protection. The inscription is located under the left balcony: “Was built in the year 1900” by the right: “Eduard lens architect.” 1902 administrative building for the Club for the mining interests in the upper mining district Dortmund in Essen, Friedrichstrasse 2 / Bismarckstrasse (badly damaged in the second world war, demolished 1961) several residential buildings in the Frankenberger district RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff