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Some of them specialize in particular industries or functional groups, regions, defined recruitment media or on certain grades. According to an estimate of the BDU 3, a total of approximately 11,000 employees in the personnel consulting in Germany are busy. We speak here of a young industry, which has already lost some economic fluctuations. Last followed under the sign of the economic crisis two painful years on the Lehmann broke, but is just in the last year the industry with an estimated turnover of about 1.55 billion to a new “all time high” has grown. So why complain at a high level? I’m quite of the opinion that the recruitment industry with active sourcing another Has growth potential. However, some parameters will evolve. With the growing competition of providers, the at the same time diminishing number of workers and the ‘new’ methods in the recruitment, the quality standards of the company and of the candidates is growing.

Therefore, creativity and adaptability are needed. A pure CV collect and lots to send to potential companies will soon no longer be possible. Therefore it will have there hard the industry, where she had used increasingly on volume-based “CV trading”. Companies will increasingly distance themselves from and evaluate the quality of service and genuine advice share more. This will eventually lead that the recruiters constantly professionalise themselves, probably it accompanied increasingly specialize. It going to know-how (if necessary industry knowledge), but also to network and relationship management. Instead of to match only the professional competence of candidates for specific vacancies, the recruitment intensified again in their Parade discipline: relationship management. The comprehensive fit between candidate and client is emphasized.

Candidate and personnel consultants constitute a team. While companies naturally have an interest in cost-conscious set even top talent, the consultant has a torque equal interest to the candidates – maximise corresponds to maximize in the content in the pro-rata percentage fee. Therefore want to and him are above-average candidates still rely on a consultant, serious giving him an appreciation, but also confidently informed, if he “crosses the bow”, so that the candidate in the recruitment process can always save face. Long-term relationships will grow. It involves the relationship of trust between the candidate and the consultant. Recruiters know their candidates in a fairly authentic size, here, candidates in the conversation can say openly what moves them, what motivates them, is what important to them. As a candidate, you would the internal recruiter but not always exactly the same share with as a consultant of you can trust, or? Even if it only small differences are… Conclusion: Of course the “Active Sourcing” trend will continue. Of course, there will be positions successfully occupied it. Of course, this will lead to a change in personnel consulting. But this trend can replace whole-value a high quality consulting either for candidates or for company. This trend must not degenerate into the mainstream before one can see here even an opportunity for recruiters. 1 Results of the ICR social media recruiting report 2013 2 results of the ICR social media recruiting report 2013 3 Federal German management consultant Association

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