Frankfurt Motor Show

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The new F-Type is so essential to the company such as 911 Porsche, according to Adrian Hallmark, global director of brand Jaguar, which also revealed that it will go on sale in the middle of next year as a roadster. Recalling the famous E-Type of the 1960s in his philosophy, the new car represents a change in the name in the strategy of Jaguar, with the logo F-Type, eventually used in a sports car in production of more than 50 years after the E-Type escapes on sale. already saw the fixed roof of C – 16 X coupe concept last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the positive response from the media and the public led by Jaguar to accelerate the development programme. this will be the first Jaguar sports car for more than 50 years, said Hallmark. Why we type F chose? Because if you look at the C, D and E-Type, these names have always been models more Jaguar temptresses. The F-Type is the next step of our long tradition of sports cars. Jaguar released the first images of the new roadster from New York, in a decor that is formed by the letters F-Type. Callum, said: sometimes a production car can be a big disappointment after having seen the concept, but 95 percent of the C – 16 X are included in the F-Type. I can promise that you won’t be disappointed. as it can see shots spectacular double on both sides of the front grille, as well as sculpted bonnet, side gills adorned with the name of Jaguar and narrow LED taillight. However, Quad exhaust pipes have now been changed to twin tubes in the Centre of the diffuser. The price of the new two-seater likely East around the 80,000, reaching 100,000, and will be placed below the XK in the line-up.

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