Good Service

Posted on June 14, 2023 By

The most simple and mundane. There are some operators which indicate the price for the service, modestly adding small text tagging that is the amount before taxes, in particular vat. That's the math – if you have a minute of conversation costs five rubles, with tax, it is all six. The difference is only in the ruble, but as the saying goes, penny penny gained. To utter a few minutes, and the ruble starts to noticeably beat on your balance. And, returning to the well-known practice, it is clear that if you have something wrong satisfied, then the blame only you – should be read carefully. Still does not pass by the way fares are formed. The principle of their formation is simple – everyone should pay the same (from a human point of view, all honest – We are all equal).

We'll see how everything is done economically. Any operator has many different services, which should ensure that all customer needs. Most tariffs on anything specialized, less often when they represent the balance. For example, one tariff cheap sms, and another cheap calls within the network, and the third something else. In general the cheaper one, the more others. You get a profile like tariff for any service.

It is believed that it was basic, but others you use is so rare that their value to you are largely indifferent. So it is, while these other services you are not interested. And as soon as interested, the cost of mobile communications begin to grow exponentially. I can not advise any universal remedy for all this. Likely that first we must all carefully read. Still some use of two sim card to have two different tariffs. Personally, I find it not very convenient, since it creates a problem with dial-up to the subscriber. Of course, many do well to use two rooms, but it's usually the exception – in most of it turns out awful. That all seemed to be read, remembered and told friends. You go to a salon and see the connection – the tariff in which all cheap. Find fault with it is simply impossible, everything is transparent, taxes are already included in the final price and so on. Let us return to the old adage that says that the only free cheese in a mousetrap, and it really is free only for a second mouse. It's simple as abc – you need only approach the the city limits all becomes clear – the phone stops to catch a network. Arithmetic is simple – if you want all the cheap then sit in town, and if the city can not sit, then pay more. And yet, in other words not like. As the end of this article, and with her and the cycle I would say one thing: there are three criteria for tariffs. The first is cheapness. Second – quality. Third – universality. You can select only two points.