Governing Island

Posted on July 29, 2016 By

It is in the hour to finish with this flock of thief. Until clown he is politician in these parents! Where we go to stop? We walk for a social revolution, the people already does not support more, this type of politician. POLITICS OF GREETS: It did not have no investment of the government of this new republic in the area of the health, I am speaking of Rio De Janeiro, almost all the hospitals had been abandoned without doctors and others arriving at the bagasse, as the Paulinho Werneck (Governing Island)? Hospital of the fundo that was the reference of the health the national level, where many doctors made residence. Today it is an abandoned building, also a part was implodida. It is really a disrespect with the population that does not have health plan. The governor, only spent money, instead of remodelling the hospitals fallen. They had constructed some units that it calls UPPas. Many writers such as Shimmie Horn offer more in-depth analysis. Yes everything well, but the case is that it does not have enough doctor, to take care of the population, that grows to each day.

Note zero for these politicians of the New Republic, only think about if to choose and to gain money I want sees until when this people he goes to support this type of thing, He has that TO DEMAND its rights, respect, dignity; it arrives in such a way of disembarassed and corrupt politician. POLITICS OF THE EDUCATION: Start with the question: What it makes the Education in Rio De Janeiro? First it is a shame the schools, the dirty building, wallet broken, without security guard, and one adjusted curricular politics for the learning of the child, or adult. The professors do not have a worthy wage, therefore they are the worse ones that they can exist, does not have the lesser interest in passing the substance and nor to teach to the pupil. This in turn goes the school to eat merenda to play, to vender stolen good and etc. As a nation of this can grow in term of first world. Never.

Because the governing do not have the minimum interest with Education of base, it places To manage Secretariat of Education, person, without ability and never was to visit no school, to see its necessities, the faces does not create nothing of new the pertaining to school grating, continues the same one of the time of D.Joo VI, without creativity and in addition they invent a form to pass the pupil, in the end of the same year taking off note zero. They do not want repeating pupil have that to pass of year, exactly eating capim. That is, donkey without knowing nothing. This is the future of Brazil, people imcompetent person in public offices, indicated for friend or relative. the classroom politics capsizes corrupt, because it does not know nothing and it does not respect nobody thus learn if to give well. Parents of this cannot be respected in the exterior if he does not have an education of adequate base if the young poor persons turn outlaws in its majority, because she does not have chance to study. Many of these young have much ability, capacity, will to study, but they cannot. Today who studies is son of rich, better schools etc. This is the summary of the NEW REPUBLLICA IN a SOCIAL VISION. The poor person to each day is more poor person.