Governor Boris Gromov

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It all depends, apparently, from the first concrete results. If all out, as expected head Professor ve Balakin, the statement by President Putin about 15 medical centers can be seen completely implemented, as the saying goes, "even when this life." With regard to the acceleration of ion beams – is a more complex task, because we must not accelerate protons and atomic nuclei. And good reason to develop this problem for several years are in the largest center of Russian physics accelerator – the Institute of High energies. People such as Danny Meyer would likely agree. Together with specialists from Obninsk (radiobiology), and St. Add to your understanding with Shimmie Horn. Petersburg (electrophysical equipment), they are working to accommodate the ihep accelerator complex to the problems of ion therapy. During the last two years (especially after the February 8, 2006 th, right in the Science Day, ihep visited Governor Boris Gromov and publicly promised 300 million rubles from the regional budget) have been initiated work on the wiring of the accelerated particles have just built an ion channel.

It connects the 100-meter intermediate ring accelerator (booster) with a long "waited work" linear accelerator I-100. So actually started a second life this former injector in the circular accelerator – for medicine. Has begun to the year 2008 are wiring the proton and then the ion beams of I-100 in the booster (intermediate) synchrotron, and then – and polutorakilometrovom ring main U-70 accelerator, which will be used as a drive "health" of the particle beam. Is reached the acceleration of carbon ions up to the required energy over 400 MeV per nucleon, calculated "Bragg peak" may give the highest possible therapeutic effect – if only to submit this beam to the appropriate medical cabin. But this is not so complicated So, in our city are prepared "to ascend to the top of the name Bragg. Hopefully, will come times when Protvino will provide the proton therapy the entire southern suburbs, and the ion – and the Central Federal District. That is, nuclear medicine will be like in Europe. Or even better, as to what the president called country.