Great Ocean Road

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domestic flights). The Aussies: you can really just like these people! Are allowed, always helpful and have always her saying: “no worry”. Also their good mood records they come out. If you meet the Astralier “open” and friendly, you will feel very quickly “in good hands”. Highlights for “First time visitor”: Sydney, Ayers Rock, Great Ocean Road and East Coast and Fraser Iceland – the largest sand island in the world, the great barrier reef.

Animals: Most animals in the wild, see the South (Kangaroo Iceland, Iceland, Wilson’s promontory). Time and again I hear fears about snakes or spiders. When you consider that these animals also in the United States, Africa, South America or even in Europe are found, so I can assure you: it will hurt you! 🙂 Meet – if get to see you at all – with respect. The animals do nothing to you if they feel not threatened. The motels and campers in Australia are equipped with “Flying door and window”. I was anywhere from deserted Outback urban metropolis and nothing happened to me.

If you are in the caravan park, you should close the Flyscreen door always and in the outback of course no “Flip-Flops” bear :-). These are little “rules” that I can advise you. Arrive down under, should not the same with your tour “get started”. Relax at least 1 night in a hotel or motel. You can opt for a car trip, or for a mobile home. Also an organised bus tour is a good alernative for example, if you have E.g. no English skills. No matter book which variant, this already in Germany. What makes a car trip: you go relax on already tested route (distances and highlights) and your nights are already pre booked. This saves you search local time after nights and you can concentrate fully on your vacation.

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