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Today I’ll stick with Habermas Teodulo Lopez Melendez two forces any, unequal, they constitute a body from the moment they enter into relationship. () In a body, are called active, dominant or superior forces dominated, reactive forces. GillesDeleuze, Nietzsche and philosophy the forces that face are like the nail and flesh. As says Deleuze who has nothing to do with Andres Calamaro – they form a unity of action and reaction, which begins to explain to us the sad story of the candida Erendida and her heartless grandmother. Jurgen Habermas has told us that all discursive system is in fact distorted, primarily because of the influence of political power. Thus spoke how that power is entered into our everyday language in such a way that the atrocities seem subject strictly to normality and we resemble a fact of rightness. Maybe now begin to understand the reference to Calamaro, an eccentric singer sent to get 140 characters of Twitter where you imagine.

It is that there is a disturbing repeat the cliches that have taken possession and that imply contempt for ideas and for those who have them. From there I decided to stay today with Habermas, to disturb the disturbing enemies of thought, to the stunned speaking without knowing forming a body with what they say combat. Quoting Habermas next Calamaro, and included in the package to Deleuze, is a small exercise for binocular vision of an atarantado country, since this distorted intercom that shows us the Swiss master disrupts the remains of rationality that one might suppose even in the meantime Repeater rules imposed by the dominant part of the body. It is an ideological training that is closing, which closes on itself, making it impossible thus the existence of all foreign position to her. The universe of discourse is perceived and then works as indeed universal: outside that universe there is nothing, just empty.

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