Harry Potter

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With the exception of New York, which I visited as a normal person, and which I liked. Last year, the first time I went on safari in Africa. It was a challenge (perhaps fate), as David turned only five months, but it was really wonderful. Can I help you to gain experience? – I really feel that anyone would like to help me, but to be honest, he would have nothing did not have to do. I'm just sitting in a room or a cafe and write, and I do it better than most, with no assistants. October 5, 2004.

Do you believe in fate? – No, I believe in hard work and good luck in the fact that the first often leads to the second. Do you write every day? – No. I write almost every day when I'm working on a book (like now), but to work every day – bad for my children. I love to spend time on them. Subsection "Other" You will be able to use what some of my ideas in the following the Harry Potter books? – Books have planned so thoroughly that for new ideas, there is simply no place left. Fanfiction – it is really a remarkable phenomenon, and I'm proud when I think how much ingenuity has initiated Harry Potter. Where do I send my letter to you? – My publisher, he will forward it to me.

I can play in a film? – I'm afraid I have no influence on the selection of candidates. Write to Warner Brothers. Will you sign my book? – Each of my sixty-something publisher, my agent, my friends, my family and my neighbors are constantly attacked by people who want what I would have signed his book. Honestly I could not sign all those books, even if quit working, eating and sleeping. To date, I give books autographed for charity or in very special cases. I am sorry, but I think you would be better if I write the sixth and the seventh book than spend the rest of his life, signing books from first to fifth. So please, please, please do not send me books to sign. I can not without regret, sent to look at books that are still return to the recipients.

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