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The fulfillment of the commandments of God’s law, is the road to salvation towards eternal life; but your first result is the achievement of a more just society. It is for this reason that in the legal system of all countries on the planet are implicit the vast majority of these commandments: making a day of rest in the week, hurting the murder, false testimony, adultery etc. When the Holy Father enacted these laws, in Mount Horeb, for the people who chose, made Covenant with them; offering them that with its implementation would achieve great prosperity and peace; becoming a society of high moral values and justice, large with respect to the rights of all its citizens; by its appreciation, respect and love of God. He hoped that people would constitute in the paradigm of society for all the peoples of the world. But they missed their Covenant, and instead of prosperity achieved a historical calamities wheel. Then came his son Master Jesus, and also in a new Alliance, repeated US bases for constitute a superior society, with much peace among men, with great respect to the rights of every being, every social group, of every race, of every nation. What it is but a society where everyone love as Jesus loved their fellow citizens?: it is a just society!.

It is a society with a distribution of production and resources more equitable planet. Do it is possible this?: of course Yes, and this is at the heart of all the men, absolutely everyone knows that without the selfishness of each one, the world would be much better. Selfishness universalized in our planet, by the irresponsible consumption of its resources, is leading us to destruction. Edward O. Wilson, Professor of science at Harvard University writes: the most recent mass extinction was, caused makes 65 million years ago, by a rain of giant meteorites near the current Yucatan (Mexico), put an end to the era of the dinosaurs biologists admit that we are witnessing the early stages of the seventh mass extinction, caused not by the forces of nature, but by human intervention..