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If food is medicine at a Developer Conference, the authors Sylvia Poth, Jessica Hund and Jutta Schutz on health issues said melting Hutter village. Sylvia Poth says: in my new book that I am writing with my co-author Jessica Hund, we want to give a practical health book on hand the people, that is to show that health concerns always on the people as a whole. We want to give people a new way of thinking and by easily applicable examples show them what they can do for their health and well-being and how you can find your inner balance. Body, mind and soul are a unity. This taught already Plato, I would like to cite: the pieces should not be cured without treatment of the whole. You may not attempt to heal the body without soul. If head and body should be healthy, the soul must be cured first.

Let persuade you not to treat the body, before the soul is healthy first. “In this context came also on the diet to talk to them. Jutta Schutz, who in her book * suddenly diabetes * writes about a largely unknown in Germany diet concept, explains: with proper diet you can contribute very much to his health. All lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism, gout and obesity have their causes in a wrong diet. Too many carbohydrates, such as bread and flour, mess up the human metabolism and can so seriously ill. When I got diabetes diagnosed by my doctor, did I not resign myself and came through my research on a new food concept, which was developed at Harvard University: the so-called LOGI diet. LOGI is the abbreviation for * low glycemic index *, which German as much as * low glycemic index * is called, because it is a low-carbohydrate diet form, whose main components meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and Oils are.

By I me after the LOGI.-principle fed, I managed to beat my diabetes and without medication complaint free living. My doctor couldn’t believe it.” Jessica Hund performs: the knowledge that food can be medicine, has a very old tradition. For 5000 years is known in the ancient Indian Ayurvedic, that you can reach with the right diet, which must be matched on the Constitution of the people, to inner harmony and a balanced balance of power in the body. Diseases that go back on an imbalance of power, can be cured in this manner or prevented. The dietetics of Hildegard von Bingen, who wrote in the 12th century by the healing effect of certain foods and put some food as medicine against certain diseases is a famous example from our culture.” Some general guidelines for a good and healthy diet give the three authors conclude with along the way: you should prefer fresh food, because in these is still sufficient life. Again, it is important to listen to the feeling of his body, because the body knows what foods do it well and when he is tired. You should never eat in the stress and down wrap his food, because this overloaded the digestive system and can lead to significant gastro intestinal disorders. You should take plenty of time to eat always and enjoy this deliberately, because then is there much agreeable and a feast for all senses.

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