Ideological World

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Moreover, one includes its positioning, its vision of world ideological. One also includes the knowledge of the regularidades of the language, the handling of the underlying structures, at last, domain of a grammar of the text. E, mainly, includes it discursiva progression, warranting of the cohesion and the coherence of the responsible text and for the distinction a simple ones accumulated of phrases enters and an organized set logically and semantically. READING AND LITERAL PRODUCTION Ahead the speculations about the intertextualidade, the reading and the literal production, are verified that the reading concept is current restricted the decipher of lingusticos signs, that is, of the writing, however this process of reading of – in way to a description-social process that intervenes with the global formation of the individual, perfazendo themselves thus a magnifying of its social capacities. Historically, to know to read and to produce a text, mean to not only possess bases of a basic education for the life and adequate survival the condition human being, making possible the development of the intellectual facultieses and spirituals, but relating these with physical aptitudes, making possible integration accomplishes of the individual with its society.

The improvement of the reading and the literal production is observed ahead to the evolution of the times, since reading and interpreting of contextualizada form the written production it will be carried through of conscientious and not mechanized form. The process of letramento of – erroneamente in our society, in way that if the so only summarizes insignificncia of the decoding of the lingusticos signs or when learning for learning, being that the majority of the scholars pragmatic and functional ends are limited it for determined contexts, if not accomplishing as well as readers and critical and conscientious literal producers of its action ahead to a multifaceted reality, with innumerable vises of world. Creating thus myths about the reading and the production of texts.