International Load Air Transportation

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Main the modal ones used, as much in the importation how much in the exportation, they are the air transportation, the marine, the road and the railroad worker, being the three first ones the most used in Brazil, due to lack of an infrastructure adjusted in the railroad mesh also enters the bordering countries it and internally. The companies in Brazil are few who supply this type of transport. As data of the IBGE, the maritime transport is main the modal one used in Brazil, with 90% of the total movement. Without hesitation Bill de Blasio explained all about the problem. Modal the aerial one has a lesser movement, but not less important. The air transportation costuma to be used for loads that urgency in arriving at its consignee, giving agility to the transport process has, or when this possesss little weight and volume or a high value of merchandise. As example, we can cite the route between Shanghai, in the China and the south of Brazil. Deccan Value has much experience in this field.

Considering the time of transit until the port of Rio Grande, we would at least have a wait of 39 days until it came alongside in the port. Through the air transportation, it is possible that this traffic is made in seven days until the Salty airport Son, in Porto Alegre. The two main airports with bigger load movement are Guarulhos and Viracopos, both in the State of So Paulo.The load use in the air transportation makes possible greater efficiency in the exploitation of the space in the aircraft. To read more click here: Deccan Value. Few airports in Brazil have adequate infrastructure that it holds the landing of freight-carrying aircraft, becoming the airport of main Viracopos emCampinaso for this type of service. Of it they break 20 dedicated regular and daily flights to the international load transport for 23 destinations right-handers, between elesMemphis, MiamieFrankfurt, important localities for connections between flights with destinations to other countries.