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Such script is only one proposal that a base will give to the professor, mainly if it will have little experience with technological resources in classroom. However, such planning is not very different of that the professor elaborates routinely, what he will have to facilitate practical its. 4.1O didactic planning the planning considered account with five basic stages for a good development of the teaching activity here. The professor sends regards to it to consider each stage before the application of the activity, so that the same he diminishes the possibility to appear ' ' elements surpresas' ' in practical its for not having been considered. It is followed, then the stages proposals.

4.1.1Iniciando the planning To the professor whom it desires to plan its lesson having for base the OAs, it is necessary that if it thinks which its objectives and/or expectations for the planned lesson. We cite an organization chart as line of direction professor to start it to plan. ) It will work in alone set or? This is an important questioning for the practical current professor, therefore many professors, either for proper initiative or of the school, have adopted practical pedagogical in set with other professors. The interdisciplinaridade as a to be considered point, must be observed disciplines them to which will be involved and which optimum subject to work in set and if the considered repositories makes use of such subject. b) To choose the subject and the series In case that the geography professor decides to work alone the OA in classroom, will be able to choose a specific subject of its disciplines to depend on the series. Many of the repositories gifts in the Internet supply to the Objects of Learning with serial indication and context of use in classroom. Such information is useful, because many times a used material with good results in Average Ensino can not be so appropriate for basic education and vice versa.