Jonathan Livingston

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Every parable hides his own truth, your lesson and your law. In literary studies generally divided on the parable of modern and classic, which usually hide the religious instruction. Modern man does not always understand the meaning of the classic parable of the abundance of metaphors and allegories. In every modern parables, there are small differences with the classics. They do not bind to the same religious teachings, and instructions are replaced by thoughts of copyright.

Modern parables are more accessible and clear today's young readers, though stripped of their mystical framework. These parables contain moral and ethical symbolism, have formed a new genre, which should be attributed to the artistic philosophy. Proverbs ceased to be short stories, now it's parables-stories or parables-volume novel. Creator of the genre of modern parables on the right is Richard Bach, a famous American writer. Bach was born in the United States in 1936 and, perhaps, is home to the legendary composer. Many works are devoted to the writer's passion Bach – Air, his desire to achieve total freedom in the sky. "Seagull Jonathan Livingston" – the most famous novel, Richard which he wrote the very first.

This novel can also be considered the best of Bach, because his other works are variations on the theme of 'Seagull'. Do not stop debate of critics that this is – the lack of a literary gift or loyalty to his own ideas and style. Nobody, except the writer could not exactly explain why it happened. Who was Jonathan Livingston became the primary character in the famous novel? Jonathan Livingston – a seagull which the flight was more necessary to the task – finding food.

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