Lehman Brothers Market

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ECONOMIC SCENE SEPTEMBER OF 2009 Welinton Dos Santos is economist After one year of the weather that devastated the financial market, Brazil leaves strong more the international crisis, as much in economic projections as that politics. The country passed for a period of instability, but it reacted fast to the problems that had appeared of the demand fall. The nightmare biggest without a doubt some had been the lost jobs in the period provoked by the fall of the international demand that impactou on the exporting Brazilian companies, where some pursuings still is looking for alternative of support in this complex system of market. In the region of the Baltic sea, countries suffer with fall of 30% of the GIP (joint of all the wealth of the economy) provoked by the lack of credits and the protectionism of the European economies. The levels are next the decade> of 30. In day 15 of September of 2008, we live the bank in addition of investments Lehman Brothers and to follow the sales of Merrill Lynch, two of four giants of New York beyond the 77 bank in addition up to 19 of August of 2009, in U.S.A., that an escape of capitals of some countries provoked, diffidence of the investors and affected directly offers of credit for the companies and consequentemente it provoked the fall of the GIP of some countries, in the reduction of the demand the International for products and services. The effect of this was the raised volume of unemployment provoked for the fall in the exportations in the world-wide economy in 2009. An example of this preoccupying economic scene was to the fall of the volume of production and sales of vehicles in the American market, according to data of the ANFAVEA the production in U.S.A.