Leprechaun Irish

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The Festival is one of the most celebrated Irish Holidays. In New York is organizing a big parade down Fifth Avenue, involving a multitude of people wearing green. It was in 1996 when the Irish government, realizing the good impact and the enormous tourism potential that had the party, began to remember a massive way to this holy celebration year after year more and lasts for 5 days Dresses Dublin green is very interesting to know the source of two of the symbols of this holiday: the Leprechaun and shamrock The sources agree that St. Patrick was captured when he was 16 years and led him on a pirate ship to Ireland to sell as slave to a farmer. All the time I was working in the field, took the opportunity to meditate and to reflect on their new Christian vocation, so that when he escaped to Italy, became a priest and met Saint Germain who trained him so he could evangelize. Years later he was appointed bishop of Ireland and this is when you begin to create Christian communities, churches and founding raising diocese.

It is important that Irish Christianity was unknown and not made things easy, so he behaved like a true missionary, living in poverty and reserving the money to honor the kings of various clans and their respective Druids Let us the symbols that these days you will see on the streets of several cities since the taverns of other cities also take advantage of the pull sure many will see little green men and elves of the forest, are the Leprechaun (the small body. “) If ‘re dressed in green, the elves will pinch the legs at night. A leprechaun is really a fairy who has disguised lonely old man who spends his days making shoes. Apparently, if you walk through the woods of Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day and keep the sound (pom-pom), which indicates a close working leprechaun, you can try to catch him to tell you where it has hidden gold coins. They are agile and seems so far they have not been caught but the Irish did not lose faith .. The three-leaf clover, the shamrock, is the very Holy, when I tried to explain the enigma of the Holy Trinity, three distinct persons united by the same stem. It is a protector and symbol of good luck. Tradition says to drowning the shamrock in beer to thank the protection of that year, but most see it as an excuse to go from bar to bar green flower in hand.