Lo Passini

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The right to the life is inviolable, nobody possesss to be able enough to finish with the life of somebody. The euthanasia? word that assigns ' ' good morte' ' it is one practical intolerable and condemnable one in some countries, used to speed up the death of a person who is in terminal state, or, that it does not have more physical reasons, functional and still mental to live. Such procedure more aims at only the suffering to the families and, therefore, it must be punished with the most severe measures. The euthanasia is had as an usurpation to the life human being. ' ' It is chocking and until ironic evidencing situations where the same society that denied the bread it human being to live, offers to it higher technology to it stops? to die well? ' '. In this phrase, the camiliano priest Lo Passini condemns the attitude of the society in finding new technologies for that he does not aim at to a good, but, a greater ' ' carga' ' of sufferings. What few know is that, unhappyly, in Belgium and Holland the practical one of the euthanasia is legalized. However, countries where this legalization was not allowed, the practical one for any individual can cause arrest with penalty of 12 the 30 years, however, the penalty can be reduced stops of 6 the 20 years, a time that the practical one is carried through with the assent of the patient.

To be in ' ' state vegetativo' ' the euthanasia does not mean to be subject to. Medical researchers had carried through numerous studies to determine how many people in called ' ' he eats irreversvel' ' , in fact, they had come back of this state. One of these studies showed that of 84 people to who the doctors consider to be in one ' ' vegetative state persistente' ' , 41% had inside recouped the conscience of six months and 58% inside of three years. An example of the above-mentioned fact is the case of Harold Cybulski, that already was discredited by the doctors, for being in one eats considered irreversible. Already they were ready disconnect the devices that kept it living creature. But, when its grandson entered in the room and cried out ' ' Vov' ' , Cybulski sat down and caught the grandson in the col. Six months later, were taking a normal life completely. The life is our well biggest one, a gift of God. Doctor assent of or relative cannot be destroyed by. If we do not accept the death penalty, do not have, therefore, to accept that if it takes off the life of a human being, for thus, as it is thought, saving suffering or diminishing expenses to the government. The euthanasia is a crime and must be punished exemplarily.