Lobsang Slope

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The Valdez messenger lived constantly in search of knowledge esoteric, as it called. In the truth they were not exotricos knowledge, were knowledge spirituals. It already had studied the buddhism, lamasmo of the Lobsang Slope, and others as many philosophies that they try to explain the existence of the man and the causes of the weakness and human suffering. He had acquired a deep knowledge of if exactly e, tried with this agreement, to satisfy its uncertainties and, in certain way, to fill the gaps left for not the explanation of delicate subjects as the life after the death. This is one of the questions that more it has caused you doubt the man. Another question is the fact to be or not alone in the universe, thing that stops Valdez is almost impossible, seen the extraordinary size it universe. But, exactly with its limitations, they looked to people to count it its problems and to ask for advice. Valdez liveed outside of the city, already he was a man of certain age, had the white hair, perhaps not for the age, but for a genetic question.

It liveed in tip of the beach of the light, in a hut that had long ago served to shelter a team of American researchers who walked looking for Uranian For those bands. Alone, in its small paradise to the side sea, it had its necessities of existence supplied for the people looked who it, to the times to only talk, therefore it was always rewarding to hear that simple man to demonstrate enormous knowledge of the different phases of the life. Of the small things that if become great because of the intolerncia, and of the greed of the man. Valdez was thus, had been born with dom to inhale in the people, a reliable sensation, of welfare. was extremely educated and gentile. One day arrived its hut, a young in search of certain knowledge, invited it to Valdez to walk a little for the side sea while they talked, had made thus it. The young wanted to know of where e, for where our soul goes, because it had learned with the parents who, when dies our soul is sleeping and nothing it knows, it does not feel nothing, until the day of the final judgment. Valdez stopped, and was to look at the imensido of the sea its I was sent for it to bring the reply that as much desired for that young that finished to leave, and continued saying; Our soul is one nanominscula one part all that of so great is human impossible to mensurar.

to put is so simple that it fits inside of each one of us. It looks for in the book of the life in Lucas 16; 23 look for in Gnesis 2; 7, look for in Lucas 20; 38, this book has all the answers, for doubts them to all, all remedy for all the illnesses, is in this book that all the parallel bars if touch, if crosses to form one> the man I finish to speak, one turned over to go even so, Valdez there in foot without knowing saying, saw the man moving away itself, had a fast reaction and it asked half without skill slowly; – Friend, Who wrote this Book?