Love Arrival

Posted on April 11, 2018 By

To fully understand the messages of the tarot of love it is essential to know that each Arcanum symbolizes archetypal human forms of behavior. Within the major arcana, Lo Valentine is, without a doubt, the letter around which gravitates more loving messages symbolic weight. This letter should be clarified, it can appear in the framework of a query of any kind, in which predict, in general, partnerships, whether they are family, friendly, labor or business. But his appearance within the framework of the consultation of the tarot of love speaks to us of the imminent arrival of the alma twin, that longed to be with which sharing joys and sorrows. Care if it appears inverted: may be predicting the arrival of third parties in discord, or warning about a possible break-up.

But if there are other arcane elders whose messages lead us directly to the sentimental situation of the consultant. One of them is La Estrella, with its sweet promise of shared joy and warm intimacy. Figure that illustrates this deck teaches a beautiful girl that you pour water in a pitcher. Therefore, if La Estrella exits reversed in Chuck, inferred that he predicts amorous disappointments: water that was going to the pitcher, in an inverted position, seems to spill out, and so it is the perfect metaphor for the bitter tears shed by love. Already within the minor arcana, should pay special attention to messages of the stick quintessential loving forecasts, and human feelings in general: for drinks. ACE and 2 are letters more auspicious, announcing the next arrival of love with its load of shared happiness. The letter to fear? The 5 of cups, Messenger of discord, betrayals and even possible ruptures in the field sentimental. If appears inverted, however, the negative aspects are grayed out: may think then in a relationship of friendship that resumes, or also in a love that returns. The tarot of love uses each and every one of the arcana of the deck to express their messages. Learn about the incompatibility of each of them in that context, not limited to the decks of loving symbology more evident, extends sample overview and contributes to a better understanding of the messages, suggestions for action, alerts and tips that the tarot of love has to offer us.