Matthias Heissner

Posted on February 19, 2019 By

That’s not fair.” Because even if rent nomads and other rental scammers certainly in the minority, can reasonably be expected to it any landlord, for legitimate personal use a year and longer for passivity to be sentenced so Pasquale Aquino next. Finally, as a captive usually on good, understandable reasons is based. Landlords are people too just the purely private or so-called small among them. And therefore they have right to access within a reasonably short period of time on their property.” The liberals insist that the current tenancy law is reformed. Particularly the harmonisation of dismissal periods has written to the Party on the flags and thus as expected when the Tenant Federal thrown naked outrage. Matthias Heissner and Pasquale Aquino can not understand however this rejection: even though both tenant and landlord will take same three-month period of notice claim, but legal hardship clauses can be laid down, in special cases the consequences of an apartment termination to a long-established ‘ to mitigate social tenants. But basically, we believe that just a marktgerechteres tenancy under the dash for the tenant benefits. Because there is the best and affordable housing where it is still worthwhile for landlords to invest without that he must fear to be strangled by the pitfalls of overly regulated market in rental housing. Now this not just misguided fear drives more and more landlords for the consequence, rather quite to waive the rent. And this shortage and thus inevitably increase the rental housing supply can eventually but probably not in the sense of honest tenants be.