Metal Pipes

Posted on April 4, 2018 By

Often the experts call a five-layer tube, keeping in mind two layers of special glue. To connect the components of the composition pipe manufacturers use a special adhesive composition. Y each firm – his, his formula is kept in secret. This is understandable: the quality depends on its plasticity, and thus the durability of the pipe. By the way, this is the glue – the most vulnerable place pipe. If the adhesive loses its elasticity, tube begins to delaminate and leak at joints. One of the important requirements: although tube and layered, it should not be thick (and correspondingly less flexible), so some manufacturers try to make aluminum parts thinner. Sometimes it resembles the thickness of foil.

One more important thing: plastic pipes may be initially smaller in diameter than steel. If steel pipe is laid in the calculation of a inch, then the composition pipe is enough 3 / 4 inches. This increases the possibility of its application. If you prefer, you can make a very thin tube – 10 mm in diameter and even 8 mm. Another advantage: Metal Pipe universal, they can be used both indoors and outside. The main and the only condition for their operation – easy access to the pipes in the joints, that is, where there are fittings. This is the case, if the pipe “Crying”. To summarize: – Durability, reliability, plastic pipes in use – Absolute ecology, and resistance to corrosion and salt deposition – Resistant to aggressive media – Resistance to overgrowing and siltation – High flexibility and low weight – Versatile for ways to connect – High maintainability – High capacity – Thermal conductivity of metal pipes in 175 times less than that steel and 1300 times – than the copper tube – not destroyed by freezing water, not condensed moisture.