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It says who it are the responsible maximums of the main real estate agencies to operate in our country, as well as the most recent data of the National Institute of Estatstica (INE). But attention because of fact this is only the best phase to buy house if not to ask for banking loan. It wants the installments of the houses wants the interests have come to go up and the banks alone loan money for purchase of house who will more than have 20% of the value of the same one. But still thus the prices of the houses have come to go down arriving to reach 10%, depending on the zones. It wants in the zone of the great Port as in the great Lisbon the average price for square meter has come to go down. Thus the only ascents registaram in the Alentejo and the Algarve being this last one considered the zone most expensive of the country. This is then of fact a good height to buy house for who has capital in hand to invest in the real estate sector. Being proper habitation or even though to buy to rent. If to intend to vender and if the objectivo will be to change of house this can be also a good height since the value of the sales went down but the price of the houses that the people also look for lowered, favoring the good businesses. Another situation also considered by the specialists as a good one bets is the purchase of property to the resulted board of insult exists a good fan of offers the good prices.