Natural Aiguamolls

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With the choice of the places you mention then I want to capture the soul of the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona since it’s the most emblematic places of this region and better define the personality of the comarcas of Girona; in them, the visitor can enjoy the opportunity to move closer to the essence of this zone bathed by the sea and surrounded by mountains. To visit any of these places best thing is staying in an apartment on the Costa Brava. Costa Brava nature reserve Cap de Creus: first natural maritime-terrestrial Park of Catalonia. The Cap de Creus peninsula is the last buttress of the Pyrenees and the eastern end of the Iberian peninsula, North of the Gulf of roses, on the Costa Brava. Sant Pere de Rodes: impressive Benedictine monastery of San Pedro de Rodas which is located in the municipal term of el port de la Selva. Cadaques: village further east of the Iberian Peninsula whose municipal area occupies most of the coast of the cabo de Creus massif lift.

Isolated mountain Puig de Pani and Puig de Bufador from the rest of the Emporda, the fishing village of Cadaques lived facing the sea and practically separated by land from the rest of the Emporda, until the end of the 19th century. Park Natural Aiguamolls de l Emporda: located in the Bay of Roses, is a wetland formed by brackish coastal lagoons, ponds for freshwater, coastal dunes, floodable grasslands, riparian forests and rice paddies. Archaeological site of Empuries: Ampurias archaeological sites found on the Gulf of roses, in the municipality of scale and are one of the most important Greek remnants of Spain. The area is comprised of a sunken plain pass through where the rivers Ter and Fluvia. Islands Medes and the Montgri massif: the Islands are an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea formed by seven small islands and some islets. They are declared as a SPAMI (zone specially protected of importance for the Mediterranean).

By his side, the montgri Massif is a mountain range on the edge of the sea Mediterranean. Sits between the Comarques of Baix Emporda and Alt Emporda, between the municipalities of Bellcaire d Emporda, l scale, Ulla and Torroella de Montgri. Medieval villages of Pals and Peratallada: two of the most well preserved medieval villages of Catalonia. Peratallada was declared a historic-artistic site for being one of the most important centers of medieval architecture. Ceramic de La Bisbal: la Bisbal is the capital of the comarca of the Baix Emporda and the ceramic is one of its most typical activities. The quality of the clay and the artisan tradition have made La Bisbal d Emporda the capital of ceramics of Catanuna. Old town of Girona: more than a thousand years of history coexist in ancient Girona, which is articulated around the Cathedral, a single nave, built between the 14th and 17TH centuries. At the foot of this temple extends the call, or quarter Jew, a maze of streets that highlights the Centre Bonastruc ca Porta.

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