New York UFO Phenomenon

Posted on April 24, 2018 By

What is the UFO phenomenon is difficult to say. Some argue that it is the aliens who do not learn something we do not want to destroy something, not something to help … Other, with cold indifference or passionately argue that UFOs this fudge and say here strongly about. However, I do not think it wrong if I will say: if so many people are seriously discussing something, then this "something" should do. So what we have "for" theory of the existence of UFOs. The abundance of photographs (of which 84% of proven fraud) allegations of witnesses (the most interesting, in my view, the history of alien abductions told under hypnosis), cases such as UFO over New York or Leeds (which suspiciously too little discussed) well and videos like "alien autopsy", which meanwhile is also a proven forgery. Now that the "against". Of course it's not pictures or videos.

This is the logic and reasoning. Too many questions arise, if we accept the existence of UFOs as a fact. And the questions are not "political" plan (say, to start panicking and the government knows everything, but hides it.d it.p.), and purely logical. If UFOs exist, why they not come into contact? They do not want? Then why fly? It is clear that if aliens exist, they at best are not aggressive and do not seek to destroy us. Why? Well, if only because that intelligent civilization has evolved to intergalactic level or intersystem existing flights or as a whole (where no one no one fights, all live in peace and everyone is happy), or as we are in constant competition with each other (with wars, murders, violence it.d.).