News About The Scientology Religion, L. Ron Hubbard And Human Rights

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Members of Scientology churches in France organized Drogenaufklarungs cycling a group of Scientologists in Paris and Marseille became aware of a new report, which reported a drop of cannabis use by 3% of young adults in France. Then, the Paris and Marseille Scientologists organized a weekend to stop young people to reject drugs generally. In Paris, a group of 24 honorary Scientologists started with their wheels of meaningful Bastille. Then it went from there to the Rue de Rivoli and to Chatelet-Les-Halles and the Hotel de Ville. You went cycling through certain Paris neighborhoods which are known, that there dealing with cannabis and consumed the drug. During their route, they stopped at some places and spoke to young people. Distributed in over 3,000 of the truth about drugs”booklets. Marseille won international notoriety at the end of the 1960s and 1970s in the early years as a drug transshipment between France and New York.

This cooperation was under the name French connection”known under the auspices of some Mafia bosses. Masses of heroin raw materials were at that time brought from Turkey to Marseille. There they were in underground laboratories accordingly prepared and shipped to New York City and in the U.S. roads under the people. Members from the Marseille mission of the Scientology Church have to also set the goal to get drug-free city. On the same weekend, where the Paris Scientologists their bike ride started, made the Marseilles Scientologists by bike on tour”through their city, to educate young people about drugs. They drove through the port and shopping area and distributed to many people, facts about drugs during their tour, the brochures”. Churches promote Scientology this largest non-governmental drug prevention campaign in the world.

The Scientology Church International is sponsoring the publications, which include no Scientology teachings, for same-minded drug-prevention groups, government agencies, civic groups and schools. Anyone can educational materials, including a DVD with 16 films about the devastating effects of or say no to order most commonly used drugs on the website free of charge. Author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard wrote in the May 1969: when one is depressed or has pain and physical relief provides no treatment, you will find out at some point all by itself, that medicines and drugs to eliminate the symptoms. In almost all cases of psychosomatischem pain or discomfort, the person concerned has sought to remedy. If it ultimately finds that only medicines and drugs relieve him, he will deliver to them and more and more depend on them, often to the point of dependency.”

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