Note: Capital Life Insurance – Legal Fraud!

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The capital life insurance is legal fraud! About which product can make otherwise get away with this statement? Did know that often only 35.-up to 45.-euro to save to remain 100.-euro you pay in a capital-LV. The insurance company for administrative costs, distribution costs, risk fees collected the other part, etc. The Federal Government of the insured (BdV) has together with the Consumer Council in Hamburg a brochure titled “insurance – Yes, but…” was edited to read the following: “life insurance pension is a”legal fraud”. This capital life insurance is not insurance, but a long-term savings with a return that is often lower than the inflation rate and then is equal to zero to ninety percent at all. The funds, which in the long term give life insurance, get businesses but inflation-safe investments with high increases in value, in which the insured persons are rarely involved. And the State gained here cheap long-term loans, so that you can call contributions for capital life insurance in many cases as “Stupid tax” to seduce with alleged tax advantages (which are hardly) here to the long-term commitment of money. Million citizens have euro lost especially when premature get out of these contracts and the usually very low payment of the contribution by entering incorrect capital life insurance companies tens of billions.

Winners are State and life insurance companies, which work hand in hand.” Wanted to leave the Association of life insurance companies, not accustomed to such a massive and public criticism, accusation, of course not. He brought an action against the Federal Government of the insured to refrain from this “hurtful remarks”. The action was dismissed by judgment of the District Court of Hamburg in June 1983. The industry appealed for optical reasons, but retreated in the knowledge that she could not win this process, again this. And yet: the conclusion of a Capital life insurance is still a popular form of old age pension for many citizens. In total there are 90 million contracts in Germany. In the year 2004 alone, the insurer sold 11.8 million contracts, an increase over the previous year by 37 percent. What is to do we are a group of experienced financial service providers and have us mission to enlighten the people made.

We can only strongly advise you to terminate your LV definitely not (because you would lose too much else), but to sell. We can sell your LV on your behalf through our legal adviser and obtain one here up to 20% higher sales value as specified in the current redemption value of your insurer. About our lever plan you can achieve at least twice to Dreifache(!) on payout as as in your previous capital life insurance. Promised! You don’t wait too long – have to act now, because every day lose money! For a personal and free consultation please submit a Email with your landline number. We like to call you.

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